Private Messages Storage Increase?


Am I going nuts :wacko: (not an unreasonable thing to assume), or did our PM storage increase from 70 to 150 messages?

I know I’m notorious for not emptying my storage box, but I can’t imagine that Mickey increased it just for me. Didn’t it use to be 70 messages? :confused:


Mine says 150, too, llama! It was 70 - you are right.
That’s cool…Thanks Mickey!!


Yeah, more space to keep my crazy conversations with wacky people!!! Just kidding Angie.


I’m still at 70. I guess I don’t PM enough. :happy:


:laugh: It’s okay Jeff!
I figure it takes two crazy people to have a crazy conversation anyway!! :wub:


I bet Erin will converse with you!!


I am at 70 as well. Then again I only have 16 in my box at this moment.


Maybe Mickey gave the moderators extra, because of PM’s from members with questions, etc?


That’s true. Llama, all this time I didn’t realize you were a Mod now. Congratulations. :blush:


Man…dznygrl has gotten one to many a PM back because my mailbox is too full–i am constantly forgetting to empty mine…i wish he’d rasie mine to 150!


Thank you. :biggrin:


Wow! I hadn’t even noticed. I am kind of slow, when did this happen?


You lucky dogs, I have to empty mine all the time, and it gets annoying! LOL!


I am amazed at how fast my PM box fills up. It seems like I always have to empty it to make room for more.


It happened yesterday afternoon, Mickey mentioned it to me while he was fixing something on my account. He increased the mailbox space for mods. while he was tinkering with the acct. stuff, I assume because we will get more mail and that our accounts won’t get clogged up. I hope that solves the mystery for you all.


That’s great! I have noticed I get more PMs as a mod and the extra storage will be nice.


YAY!!! I am so happy. Back in the day… LOL… When I was around a little more I PM’d all the time, and Dana will tell you my inbox filled up all the time.


Me too!!
But up until a week ago, I didnt know I had to go into different folders and empty them all, I was only deleting my “IN” box, I didnt realize I had a sent box, etc… that made up my total! DOH!!! :blush: :whistling


I still only have 70…


Opps…forget we ever said anything!

Just kidding, PM Mickey, I am sure he will take care of it.