Probably Crazy, but I'm Excited!


As mentioned in previous posts, I’m having trouble finding affordable airfare for our September trip. In discussing with DH, he said just book it, regardless of price, to stop stressing over it. Then he asked, are all the days surrounding our dates that expensive (we were arriving on a Sunday, departing on a Saturday). So, I checked, and found a Friday night flight for $87. He said “book it!” What??? Wait!!! Where are we going to stay for two additional nights? Right now we chose a split stay. First three days at BLT to enjoy the location and something different, then to our favorite AKL Jambo for the relaxing side. Well, BLT wasn’t available to add on to the front, so we will be staying at OKW for two nights. I know, it sounds crazy to stay at three resorts, but I’m actually quite excited about it. DH has never been to OKW, so he gets to see what its like, and I look at it like an adventure. Just excited that I get two more days at Disney!!!


“Probably” crazy??? :tongue:


Crazy like a fox!:happy: What could be better than two extra days at WDW - especially at my favourite resort! Congratulations Beth!


I like his thinking! Hope he loves OKW!


Crazy yes!!! But soooo AWESOME!!!


That is not crazy! You are spending the money, and instead of giving it to the airlines,you get to put it to use for you. And to your benefit. Have a great


Glad you get to stay 2 extra days in WDW.


Sounds like he REALLY wants to get away. We stayed at OKW once for an early arrival. I really enjoyed my morning walk throughout the complex. I wish we had planned another day to totally decompress before hitting the parks. Enjoy.


Congratulations! Crazy but so do-able and so fun.


Sounds perfect!


Crazy awesome. Sound similar to what I did. I booked an extra day. It only cost me like an extra $100. Included park ticket, room and air. Plus, now I don’t have to go back to the airport to pick DH up the next day. I hate driving in Philly lol


Crazy in the best way!!! Good for you and Kuddos to your DH.


That is the best kind of crazy!

And I am a huge fan of split stays!


No, no, it would have been crazy to NOT add the 2 extra days and get the lower air fare. Your decision makes complete sense. We LOVED OKW, such a relaxing place, I’m sure your DH will feel the same.


That is my kind of thinking. Extending the park tickets doesn’t cost that much once you pass 5 or 6 days and I too would rather spend the money on hotel rooms then on flights!


It was definitely a win, win, as I have an annual pass, and we used DVC points, so didn’t have to shell out any money for the room.

Thanks for everyone’s good wishes! Always good to go a little “crazy” every now and then!:happy:


If I was DVC and had annual passes I would for as long as possible!