Problem getting room Dec 4-12


We have been trying to get rooms at WL and others after Thanksgiving. The first three days of December are open, but nothing between December 4-12. I noticed that the annual pass discount messages also mention these dates as a problem. Does anyone know what is going on during these dates?


I think early December is becoming more popular every year. The holiday decorations are up and the weather is usually beautiful. WL is very popular at holiday time, the resort is beautiful and a favorite of many people.

I believe there is also a big football/cheerleading tournament (Pop Warner) the first week of December.

Keep calling, people cancel rooms all the time.


:ohmy:I booked my first room in April during a WDW vacation for Dec.8-13. When we found out other family members wanted to come, we tried to book another room at Pop in mid May, it took 31/2 months to finally find a room. And that was only because of an outstanding CM:wub: who took the time to really look!! I was beginning to panic, we had promised our nephew his first trip to Disney and I’ve never had such a hard time finding a room and we usually go during peak season:confused:


FOr some reason that week is always booked. We always have trouble geeting a room. We always try to go for a long weekend to see the Christmas decorations. I agree with Dt- Pop Warner and just becoming a more popular time of year.


I agree completely with DisneyTeacher: early December attracts many folks who do not want to be away over the holidays but want to enjoy the Disney Magic that is on overload (with all the decorations and events such as the Candlelight Processional.) Also, it is a lot less expensive to stay at WDW between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and that is also an attraction.

One other thing I think is happening during that time is Mousefest, a gathering of hundreds of Internet community members at Walt Disney World.

I hope you are successful in aquiring your reservation!


There is a Pop Warner Football thing from what I understand.


Early December is also Mousefest and a lot of Disney fan groups (like us) converge for conventions and meet and greets.