Problems buying MVMCP tix on line


The story so far: I wanted to be sure that both a room at a value was available at AP or resident rates for next Monday through Wednesday and at the same time make sure that the Christmas party wasn’t sold out.
Opened two tabs on my browser and saw that what I wanted could be gotten.
So, I made the reservation and then tried to complete the purchase of the tix.
Instead of completing the sale, I got a warning telling me that I couldn’t buy tickets for that date with the billing info I’d provided and that I should empty the cart and try again.
I did, twice with Firefox. I even switched credit cards and had no luck.
I opened Internet Explorer and got the same message.
It would have been nice if I’d gotten a better explanation of what the reason for not selling me the tickets was.
Faced with the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to get the tickets even though the night I wanted wasn’t sold out, I called the AP hotline number.
I got an automated assistant (no humans here!) and completed the purchase of the tickets complete with advance purchase discount.
Got the night I wanted without a moment’s hesitation from the system.
I still wanted to talk to a human to get an answer about what the problem was, but the CM I eventually got couldn’t help me there, nor could he send me an e-mail confirmation for the ticket purchase.
I’m just going to have to have faith that the tickets that are at will call are for the right date.


Send me a private message with your confirmation # and I’ll check the system to make sure they are there.


Hmm, I had trouble doing the online check in yesterday, but this morning, it worked like a charm. I wonder if there was just a glitch in the system yesterday.


I’ve not been impressed with Disney’s quality assurance on their website, particularly with reservation retrieval applications.

Doug, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of cookie mismanagement as a result of you starting with two browser windows. It’s nothing that a typical cast member would be able to help you with. This is a bug that would need to be reported to their IT folks (no idea how to do that)

But, more importantly, have you confirmed everything??


Matt, the room reservation is confirmed, that happened almost immediately via e-mail.
As for the tickets, the CM that I talked to told me I could call a central ticket services number, but that they were only available M-F/9-5.
I think I’ll PM Val with the confirmation number I have and let her check as she offered.
You could be right about cookie management as, as soon as I logged in as a passholder, that date became unavailable. In fact, often you’ll just get a message telling you that no tickets are even available once you log in as a passholder.
That was the reason I switched to IE from Firefox, and didn’t log in as a passholder. This has worked in the past.
As for speaking to IT, that was one of the reasons I called yesterday. I was hoping to get a human who knew about this or that I could report this too, but sadly, that didn’t happen and I can’t fault the CM I did speak with because it was far outside his area.

(And don’t get me started on Flash based websites!)