Problems logging out?


Sorry to bother you all…but I am having trouble trying to log out…I know this sounds strange…who would ever want to leave the dc…but still…when I sign out, it just won’t let me “officially” sign off…I have tried several times…can anyone (Mickey?) help me??? Thanks :confused:


I never actually sign off, I just click out of the window. Is that bad?:pinch:


I do the same–hmm…is it bad?


Last week I logged out for the first time in a year and I couldn’t get back in. Mickey had to come to my rescue after I got locked out and then had to get a new password.


I am going to recomend you clear your cookies, this will delete all your saved passwords on your computer, so be sure that isn’t a problem.

If you use Mozilla Firefox(please do) go to Tools>Options>Cookies>Clear.

If you use Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options>Temporary Internet files>Click Clear Cookies.

Then try logging out, hope that helps.


Thanks…I will try clearing out my cookies…and if it works, I will celebrate by eating the real kind! :slight_smile:


If that doesn’t work, there is a link in my signature that will clear all your cookies automatically, you won’t have to go searching for them.


Yeah, and if you have any problems clearing your cookies, just take a ride on RnRc, that does it for Pete.:rolleyes:


:laugh: :laugh: I didn’t know we were ALLOWED to log out. :whistling


yeah bad news…I got rid of my cookies on my computer and on this site…but the ones on this site just kept on reappearing after deleating them…sorry, to say but I am still having problems…hehehe


Did you use the link in Mickey’s info?