Problems with DVC site?


Is anyone else having difficulty signing in to the Members section on the DVC site? I can’t get on and wanted to order my DVC Annual Pass for my Friday arrival.


I think a lot of people are having issues with the site.

If you can log in at all try this and see if you can get what you need:

Click on “my vacation points” then, click on “dues” then backspace back to the vacations points page and then click on “vacation details” and your reservation should appear. From here you may be able to get what you need.


I can only get to the login once out of 100 trys! When I do it just goes blank. I tried going through another browser but no luck. While I was NOT getting in, a survey popped up asking to rate my experience with the DVC online!:laugh: :laugh:


Call them in the morning and order your AP’s by phone. You’ll be able to pick them up at Will Call…which I assume is at Guest Relations. We always have them mailed to us (for a nominal fee), but since you have no time, they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive!


You can also just wait till you get down there and get them at the customer service at any of the parks.