Problems with WDW Website?


Is anyone else having problems with the WDW website? I can’t add things to my itinerary. I get an error message. And now it won’t let me contact them for techincal help. :pinch:


No, today no problems. But I haven’t played in my profile today either.
I think they’re working on it still.
Patients :smile:


I have been having all kinds of issues too myself They are probably overwhelmed with responses and people running straight to the website after all the commercials they are running:wub:


We had terrible issues with it yesterday when we were booking our trip. Oh well, eventually the kinks seemed to work themselves out!


Another day, same problems. :pinch:


No issues this morning, I was busy booking my imaginary trip to the Poly for Christmas.:wink:


oh yeah? Whchagotplanned?


Well I didn’t get far, because the price just about caused me to go into shock.:laugh::laugh:


what, no specials?


No deals for that time frame, yet.

Just tried to do it again, and I couldn’t get any dates to work. :frowning: