Profession Picture With Mickey


Hi all,
Got a quick question… when my family and I went to WDW 10 years ago, we were able to get a family picture with Mickey as part of our Food N Fun package. The location was somewhere in Downtown Disney… Does anyone know if there is a place where we can get our family picture taken with the MOUSE himself…


Well, Mickey has been the first character in the “Character Connection” everytime I go in there (EPCOT, behind “club cool”). It may not be a “professional” picture per say but the photopass photographer takes the picture. There is also a location in MGM, near the extrance for the “Backstage Studio” ride where Sorcerer Mickey is. Same setup, the photopass photographer can take the picture.


Thanks Wish


I remember the place in DTD, but it is closed and used as a guest relations booth.


Really… bummer…
Who should I try and call…


It was called Studio M, sadly it is now closed. It was a really nice place to get a really nice picture and great interaction with the main mouse!
Mickey is always at the judge’s tent in Toontown.


I didn’t know Sorcerer Mickey was there! We MUST find him in December!