Promotional offerings


What would you consider a great offering for a promotion?
I just recieved an email offering $8 discount per point and 100 bonus points with a min purchase of 160 pts. Is this standard? If we had bought in at the end of the year when we had planned on it origionally we would have had all of last years points in addition to this years points. Im trying to hold off for the best option. I got the final OK from Ed last night to really look into this. I just have to make it happen financially.


bump for another try


Buy at SSR and get $10 off per point. Use me for referral and you can get bonus developer points for 1 time use.

You can RENT them at $10 and apply the money to payment.

As much as you go it’s worth it.


My friends mom just bought at AKV for $104 a point…she bought 160 points, but got 160 points for FREE. Then, once she became an actual owner a few days later, she bought 200 more points at AKV for $104 and got 275 points for FREE.


I just bought at AKV-160 and got 160 free. I didn’t hear about that other free point offer though! Although, that is too many points for us right now-what a cool deal though!


Hey- Im only 15 min from Manchester! LOL

It was an email that I got for being a “referral” I was told that not everyone got this email.


haha, too funny, gotta get out of cold CT and go to Florida!


Actually, that points bonus is only for existing DVC members. My friends MIL was on the fence about how many points to buy. At one point, she was going to buy 600 and use them mainly to rent! She ended up with the buy 160, get 160 free (one time use) and the DVC rep told her to wait until her sale was final, then buy more points for the bigger bonus offer.

I hope there’s an AWESOME deal like this when I finally buy…in 4 years! :laugh:


There will be, don’t worry. There is always some kind of offer going on, ESPECIALLY when they are trying to close one resort out for new upcoming ones. The advantage you’ll have is a couple years of watching the patterns of when they put offers out & what they are.




I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Contemporary Villas! But I guess I need to be in the know about HOW they will be selling it,when they start selling it. WooHoo said in another thread that it will be sold differently than at other resorts, and that existing DVC members will have first dibs and will get special offers. If that’s the case, I might buy a small contract right before resale at another property, just to get my foot in the door to buy there!


Wow, you really do want this resort! You sound a little like me only wanting Beach Club Villas. It’s a lot of money nad you need to be happy about where you own. I can’t wait to hear the details as they come out (hopefully soon!).


The thing about Contemporary is that if they do it like this it would be more per point so ultimately you are getting less for your money. Once the rush ends and they become more available your points really wont be worth anything more- you just have 4 months earlier to book it. I suppose that if that were also the case then the high times to rent would be gone asap but I never go then anyhow so what is the difference? I wanted the most for my money to get my foot in the door- oh and the Cont is also “rumored” to be much smaller in size than all of the other resorts with a lot less rooms. Even if you do own there it wont be a shoe in to stay there. It was also confirmed that yes most of the time a new resort is offered to existing dvc members a month or so before it is offered to the public. No confirmation as to if this would definately be the case but it was said that it has happened in the past.


Thanks for this info. I STILL have my heart set on this resort. Mainly because as my two are in school and they get older, we WON’T be taking them out and will have to go to WDW when EVERYONE else is there. So that 4 month priority period will be a MUST. I also intend on buying enough so I can book a trip for us (Sun-Fri) and have enough points to rent. I am SURE these rooms will go for MUCH more per point than the other resorts are going for now! That is what convinced DH to buy at this resort…we can make enough to pay our maintenance fees, and a bit more. With the priority, I would love to book weeks like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, President’s week, etc.

If DVC members are going to get first crack, a few months before they actually start selling, I am going to buy a SMALL DVC contract at another resort (maybe 75 points somewhere!) just to get me in the door and eligible for all the DVC perks!



that is true- I forgot that you already do the timeshare thing. Im so new at this that I cant even wrap my head around how I would have to handle all of the renting etc… We are just stying small in points until Im a bit more settled and I can get it all paid off. But I am also thinking on getting enough to rent out so that I can take the rental money and put it towards the cruise and have that all covered as well. I really have to see how I can make that work.


Congratulations! as long as you are happy with what you are buying and see it fitting in with your future without traveling with the kids your purchase is well worth it. From my experience owning several timeshares, don’t bet on rentals as proof positive of paying off your maintanence fees. If you feel comfortable paying on what you have without the assistance of selling your points than you purchase makes sense. That way if you rent it for a profit than its gravy, not an expected return.


This is such smart thinking Kim!! I really wanted to buy this year, but since I am still not back to work, I want to wait a few more years. We will be in the same boat with our kids, we will wind up going during peak times as well.


for the time being I will be taking them out of school- I make sure they do a paper on something new they have learned while on vacation and Nicky is only going into middle school this next year. He will be fine from what I hear. Once he is in high school we will be more concerned with the school breaks but we also might be using the points for much more than disney. I want to use the international places and other options to get the most out of what we have bought. By then it will be easier to travel to foreign places because the younger ones will be older and easier. For now we are sticking with Disney.


I think renting Disney a little different. We own other timeshares and never even think of renting them out (I guess we would if a friend asked, or something), but we’ve never had a problem renting our Disney points. It’s such a popular destination and when people realized they can rent an entire suite for probably less than one room in a deluxe, it’s pretty easy to rent them. I’ve had three people asking me about renting points this year.


I totally have to agree. There is SUCH a huge demand for Disney points! I own other timeshares in Orlando…I do have much success renting them out, but not for the properties in Orlando! I book the Atlantis and rent those out and make HUGE profit from my maintenance fees! With renting Disney points, like Llama said, you can rent a studio villa which is bigger than a Deluxe Resort, for about a third you’d pay Disney for that same room! I am renting a studio villa at AKV (renting points) for $150 per night Thanksgiving week, in a Savanna View Studio. A STANDARD room, no view is $335 a night for that same week!!!

There’s a huge market for renting points. And when the Contemporary opens, the demand will be even greater. Imagine staying on the Monorail for LESS than $200 a night? :cool: HUGE selling point!