Proof that I am still a child at heart


I was at Wal Mart today and found THE FUNNEST thing on clearance for $5.

Here it/he is:

It’s iDance Wall.E. He is so cool. He just makes me happy. DD and I are sharing him. He works on any mp3 player, not just ipod. I think I love him.

I don’t know how to do upload videos, so here is a link to someone else’s ov Wall.e dancing.

iDance Wall-E | Veoh Video Network


He is WAY cute!!! I would have snatched him up also!


Oh my gosh, he is so absolutely adorable. :heart: That video of him dancing just makes me want to :crying: because he’s such a sweetie little guy. AWESOME find! Have fun.


For 5 bucks, I would get one!!! So cute!!


I know right! He was the last one too.


The dancing is the best part. It actually made me laugh out loud when I pressed the “try me” button in the store.


If you have a Wal Mart nearby, check it out, he was in the toy dept.


OMG, how cute. I have to see if I can find one. What a picker upper on a crappy day.


That is too cute. Walmart has such great deals. Perhaps I should go to Walmart in the morn to look for one. I need to get my Christmas shopping done soon


Jess and Daniel will be wanting one of those… so cute!


Being a kid at heart is the only way to be!! I think this is sooooo cute and I would have snatched him up too.


I hope you do, he just makes you feel happy.


That is so stinkin’ CUTE!!! I want one . . . I’m going to check out Walmart tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing him!! :heart:


I think if you go there soon you will find some stuff. They have a lot of things on clearance right now to make way for all the holiday stuff coming in. I have found lots of clothes for the kids, bathing suits for $7, swim shoes for $2, Hannah Montana flip-flops for DD for $1, video games for $15-$20, and lots of other stuff. I hope you find some good deals including our lovable, dancing, robot friend.


How cute, great find.


I agree. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest and if a $5 toy gives me a laugh and makes me happy, so be it.