Proper time frame to cancel reservations


Is it OK to cancel DDP reservation on the day of the reservation?

My problem is that we are having a family reunion in June, about 30 of us. My family has the DDP, (with ressies made) but not everyone does.
SO here’s my dilemma, what if the day is going fantastic and we don’t want to leave everyone and go to dinner? Can I call that afternoon( I’m NOT talking an hour before) and cancel the reservation? Do you need a 24 hour notice to cancel?


I think it depends on the restaurant. If it’s a reservation that you had to use your credit card to hold the ADR, then you have a window of time to call and cancel or your CC will be charged. That window is usually 24-48 hours. Otherwise, you can just let them know any time before the scheduled time for you to check in. People always are looking for a walk-up or calling Disney Dining and asking what is open because they don’t have a scheduled ADR. Those people would love that you canceled a ressie with that many people!:happy:


Are you talking canceling an ADR for 6 people or 30 people? From your post, I’m reading “we have dining plans apart from the group”, but if you mean 30, I’d say (aside from CC concerns) the sooner the better. I’d would guess almost everyone has done a last min cancellation at some time.


No-- not 30 only 2 adult’s and 1 child, the resesrvations are for.


it depends on where you are going, if you had to give a credit card to hold your ressie then I think you have to give 48 hours


In that case, I don’t see a problem. The restaurant is not making special arrangements to seat a party of 3. You are calling several hours ahead and it’s not like you are booking and canceling 6 times a day for the whole week. I’d just make sure to call as soon as you know.


We’ve had very large parties before, and although we haven’t had to cancel any ADRs for our large groups, they don’t really do anything special for lots of folks together. They will split your group up to get you seated when it’s a bunch of people like that.


I have had to cancel right before our reservation time. My DD got sick and we couldn’t make it. They thanked me profusely for calling as they would have “held” our reservation for some period of time - this allowed a walk up to take our slot. Again, it will depend on the restaurant’s cancellation policy if you have provided a credit card guarantee.


You will probably make a family of three very happy by calling to cancel even the day of a ressie!


Thanks for all the feed back gang! I think I’m going to make a couple more ressies and hopefully we make it them. But now I won’t feel bad if I have to cancel them :happy: