Proposal package at crt


is it really worth it to spend the extra 300$ on it??
The photo with cindy is included already, The glass slipper isn’t much more than 30$ I think at the crystal shop, wine glasses I can do without, and being that I work in photopass I’m sure I can convince my manager to let me borrow a photographer for a little bit. The only part I like about it is the rose petal thing it comes on. And if I do it myself will resturant still help me out with it??

I don’t have much to spend to try and do this by the end of may, and that means getting the rings too.


No, I don’t think it’s worth all that extra. There are 1,000 ways to propose at WDW and I don’t see why it needs to cost all that money…simple and from the heart is what would be more special in my opinion.


I agree with Dana (no surprise there).
That’s a very steep price to pay. There are plenty of other options and places to pop the question, especially if you can “arrange” to have a photpass photographer show up at the right minute. Especially being a CM and living so close, you can set things up that visiting guests won’t be able to.
Even getting a diver to swim up with a message at Coral Reef wouldn’t cost near the CRT package.


It is a steep price. There are about a million places you can propose for free and it would be just as special.


I agree with the others. I think it can be done quite romantically, anywhere in WDW with nothing other than the ring.:wub:


there is also that other company that has many price points and packages to chose from- that seems much more personal and tailored to your requests other than a preset package that is not worth the extra cost.
Now if you could order a glass slipper in her size and in front of everyone try it on her to tell her that she is the one…now that would be worth it!


Not worth it!!! Especially if she says “N-O!!!”:pirate:


that is why you should always propose with either a pretzel ring (like Ed did) or a cubic zarconia…:laugh: :laugh:

NO really- Ed proposed at a bar outside of Hershy Park Pa in front of everyone and slipped a pretzel on my finger. I had that pretzel for the longest time until one day Parker found it and ate it:eek: :eek: :eek: :blow: I was so upset and grossed out- it had to be one stale pretzel ring!

isnt it you that used that other service to decorate the room? What were tehy called?


Yep, Rlander, that sneaking devil used…Gifts of a lifetime!


HersheyPark? I’m proud of you! One of my favorite parks anywhere.


A proposal in WDW would have been just priceless to me without the package-it seems an awful lot of money for what you get.