Propsed ADrs for august


WEll it’s getting to be that time all. I am starting my sketch plans. With my ADR making date of 2/26 coming up next month, I have to start thinking about which places we are going to eat. I am certain we will stick with our favorite traditional places, but I am looking to add some new ones in this time like we did last time.

Here’s where we will go no matter what as they are tradition.
crystal palace for breakfast
o’hanna for dinner
momma melrose for dinner
Rainforest cafe at AK for lunch

Here’s where we are thinking about going but haven’t decided
Boma for dinner
1900 park fare for dinner

Being picky eaters (meat and potatoes girls with no exotic taste at all), we always struggle with trying the new places or more ethnic places. We tried rose and crown and hated it. WE have been to biergarten and it didn’t suit us…DD has no interest in Lecellier this time either. We have been to whispering canyon numerous times and want to skip it this time. Chef mickey’s is out of the question as it makes me SO sick every time I eat there and Holywood and vine is out for the same reason. I have no interest in the princess meals and really could go without other character meals except for crystal palace. Anyone have any suggestions for us? Caifornia grill would be lost on us, I’ll never return to sci fi after the last time and the brown derby isn’t my cup of tea either…oh the decisions. Anyone have any ideas?


I rarely have eaten at a WDW rest. I dont like… and I know I have mentioned this numerous times… but what about Trails End at Fort Wilderness. For you Meat and Potatoes girls, this should work wonderfully. Very good food!


I haven’t thought of that place…hmm. I worry about the buffet thing though. I have some kind of bad reaction to most buffets at WDW. crystal palace breakfast is the only one that I survive without getting violently ill and that is because I stick to noncooked foods mostly. I may try it and make it right before we end our day or take a break and should the worse occur, I know I’ll be back in my resort for the worse of it…lol


Liberty Tree Tavern is a nice also!


Oh… what about Earl of Sandwich? We ate there for the first time our last trip. The sandwiches are FABULOUS and HUGE! Plenty left over to refrigerate/reheat for another time. Just loved it!!


Earl is a definate always. I love that place…DD not so much, but she can always get mcdonald’s …lol

I need sit-down places…

I am thinking about trying reglan road… dhoughton and bear loved it. There has to be other places at DTD that take the DDP. I will have to look at RR menu first before making a decision, but I think there has to be something on there that we would like. Planet hollywood was fun and that takes the DDP too…something to consider.


Raglan Road would be my suggestion as well. Wonderful food and a great glass of Guinness at the right temperature :wink:

Wolfgang Puck, also great “normal” food.
Not exactly a sit down, but a great spot to sit and watch the world go buy is the Tangirine (sp?) Cafe at Epcot it is GREAT

Or how about the Yak & Yeti sit down restaurant?


Did someone mention Primetime yet? We haven’t tried it yet, but my DH thinks the homecooking theme sounds good, so we may try that on our next trip.


I don’t like prime time that much…I have to be in the mood to enjoy it there and sometimes that isn’t the case on the day and time I book it. I do not eat veggies at all, so they always want to role play with me and it’s not always guaranteed that I will…lol Food is excellent however.

I think RRoad will be a go. I have to let DD take a peek at the menu and see what she thinks of it. I can’t see it being an issue as long as she can find something to eat on it, she’s cool about trying new places…god bless all ears menu links or her andI would never try new places…lol

I haven’t considered wolfgang’s…it’s something to consider. Thank you for the suggestion.


Dana, I was thinking about these for you:

Plaza – I have heard such great things about the burgers, and the location is so perfect.

Tony’s – Just saw a ton of photos from the main dining room, and it looks so great.

Teppan Edo – Are you interested in giving this new place a try? Or one of the other new places in the Japan Pavilion?

Liberty Tree – One of the other places I have never heard anything but raves about.


I totally forgot about the plaza and tony’s…hmm now you got something there. We have never been to either and they both are pretty plain food where both of us could find something we like. Liberty tree we have been to and I am not sure about the japan place…I don’t think my DD would go for it. I already have my pick in for momma’s and can’t add another one. Our rule for the trips is we have to agree on all places except we both get one pick each that the other person doesn’t like…it’s a fair rule I think.


This is one of the things listed on the Plaza Menu at allearsnet – it soudns so good!!!

Chicken Strawberry Salad - fresh garden greens, grilled chicken breast, fresh strawberries, gorgonzola cheese, tossed in a white zinfandel vinaigrette dressing $10.29


Yachtmans Steakhouse?

And, while some think it has lost it’s luster, we still like Spoodles.

We tried Tony’s again last year. It was OK and would probably fit well for fussy eaters.


I completely agree- this is why I didn’t book an ADR here for August because I like that to a point but after a long day with 3 cranky, hot tired kids, the last thing I want to do is role play with them. But we may do it for my DH next time…maybe…


You know, I was so nervous about 50’s prime time, but we really enjoyed it, even my cranky husband!

I also noticed you were “thinking” about Boma, I “think” you should definitely include it. We didn’t care for Rose and Crown or Biergarten either, but we have always enjoyed Boma.


I was going to suggest LTT ~ we’re in the same boat as you are. Picky eaters (well, not Stu, he’s dying for us to try everything!)

We tried to get an ADR at Tony’s but it was totally booked the night we wanted, but I’ve always wanted to try it.


I think you should try Boma, even if you are a picky eater. We originally were skeptical, but have enjoyed it everytime (and my boys are PICKY). Plus, it’s at AKL :heart:

For a fine restaurant, I’d have to say Artist Point. It is really wonderful- one of our favorite restaurants anywhere.


We really enjoyed Tony’s our last visit. I had the meatball hoagie… yummo!!
It is going to be refurbed this year.


what are your dates again Dana? I need to plan accordingly…bc I will get to go either 2-3 weeks before or after you.


I can HIGHLY recommend Boma and 1900 Park Fare. They are probably the two BEST buffets I’ve been to at WDW! Both have EXCELLENT EXCELLENT food…even for the pickiest of eaters. I don’t like to try much exotic stuff, either. And yes, Boma has some exotic stuff. But they had SO MUCH STUFF, that you didn’t have to really go out of your comfort zone too much! There was something for EVERYONE.