Proud of the college kids!


I’ve been on Facebook a lot over the holiday break from the colleges, and I am so happy to report that the college kids are going on Disney cruises, going to see Disney on Ice, and going to WDW and DL! The pictures are rolling in, and they are having a great time! YAY!!!

So glad it doesn’t absolutely have to be all about naked parties in Cancun or drunken nights on Padre Island!!! :happy:


Youngest DD Kate (23) would go to WDW in a heartbeat over the beach. Trained her well.


Yep same here----

High School graduation, DD wanted to go to WDW to celebrate—not to the beach parties at OC like the rest of the school!!! And spring break, she wanted to come home—spring break parties were the last thing on her mind…


Of course there is a lot to be said for naked parties. Well, Maybe 30 years ago …


Ah, the inner eye is blind, bleach I need bleach…:eek:

Sorry it had to be said.