Proud owner of Grand CA Villas!


Just thought I’d let everyone know that we’re doing my part to stimulate the economy. We just bought 100 pts in GCV. To say the least we are excited. Im going to attempt my first trip report that will include some pic from the construction zone.

We got 100 VPO points that have to be used by Oct. or we’ll lose them. Oh darn, guess I’ll have to take a trip to DL in the summer.


Congratulations! And Welcome Home!




Thank you very much…it was a very busy place today…our guide said most people were buying the max points (500). I don’t know if anyone’s interested in the details but the points were 112 a piece with a 5 dollar a point down payment incentive making the price 107.

Closing costs paid by the Mouse. Its funny, thats what the paperwork said!

We are also getting a wood block print to be hung on a wall in the likeness of the GC.

If we bought 220 pts we could have gotten 2 premium annual passes but it was too much money.

They said they were going to sell 1,000,000 points so I think there will be plenty for everyone.


Congrats though it’s a real heartship you have to take that trip.


I better use them fast before the government decides to spread them around…give them to someone less fortunate…like someone who belongs to the vacation club for Universal…lol


Awesome! I’m so glad they’re adding DVC to Disneyland!


Congrats! Welcome to the Family!


Congrats! Seems like it is going to be WONDERFUL.




Good for you, thats wonderfull news. I am really looking into all the info out there for buying points in WDW, maybe the end of the year or next. Congrats to you:happy:


wow…all the way from CA, too? Congrats!