PS at Le Cellier really necessary?


I have been wanting to eat a late lunch at Le Cellier (hope that I spelled it correctly…if not I apoligize). We are not sure though if/when we will be able to make it there. Maybe friday but we arent 100%. We are going Setp 15th weekend. Are reservations really needed there or is there a chance we could get in without one??


I say always make the ADR, just in case. You can always cancel it.


Le Cellier is very popular and has gotten even more popular with the dining plan. If you think you want to try it make an ADR just in case, you can always cancel it later.


I agree. We made ADRs for our May trip just in case.


For the last couple of months, I have had a very hard time finding anything at Le Cellier for either lunch of dinner. I would strongly suggest making an ADR. You an always cancel later if you decide you can’t make it. It wouldn’t make my day if I thought I was arriving at Epcot to eat lunch at Le Cellier and had to eat at the Electric Umbrella because we couldn’t get it.


I was going to say the same thing. It’s become one of the most popular places to eat. Since it’s an off time, your chances are pretty good of getting your time, but not if the trip is soon.


Make the reservations, when we were there on the 5th and 8th of Dec we waited for 10 mins with our ADR and people were turned away by the bunches. The place is probably the best place to eat in WDW so make those ressies.


When we went last summer, there was quite a crew of disappointed would-be diners outside. Recommend a PS.


I will have to talk to dh about it. We really arent sure what we are going to do that friday. Saturday will probably be all Magic Kingdom. And Sunday is up in the air…


I will say this, 2 trips in a row we have tried to get intyo Le Cellier randomly and neither time we could get in and that was just a party of two which is usually more easily accomidated. I would definately make the ADR, if you cancel you cancel, at least you’ll have the option.


I agree - no harm in making the ADR then you’ve got it if you want it.


I just wet myself!
Always make a PS for any sitdown.


On our February trip, none of our ADR’s were really necessary, EXCEPT Le Cellier. Even with an ADR we had to wait 20 minutes.


When I made my ADR’s for our June trip, I had no problem making them and was able to get the exact time I wanted for everything…except Le Cellier. Only early or late meal times were available. You should make the ADR & cancel if you need to when you make a final decision. Otherwise, there will be no decision to make because it will be full and you won’t have the opportunity to do it.


I have had the same experience. The only ressie I have never been able to get has been to Le Cellier. I try and try…


it is soooo good too! Hope that you get to eat there!!!


DEFINITELY make the ADR. When we went in October, Thank God we made one, because there was NOTHING ELSE AVAILABLE ALL WEEK!!! (I tried to change my ADRs around when I got there…no such luck for Le Cellier!)

MAKE THE ADR!!! If you cancel, it’s no biggie. But you MUST have the ADR to make sure you get in. Why chance it???


I would make a reservation for sure. You could always cancel if you couldn’t make it in time. It is always busy.


When in doubt, make the ADR. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. :tongue: Or something like that!


Yes! Make an ADR! We were there in January and even then had a hard time getting an ADR. I had to keep calling & calling! You will love it there! It’s one of my favorite restaurants.