PS List, any suggestions


For our trip in June. We took the dining option, so if there is anything I am missing, let me know. Keep in mind we have two children under 4 with us…

Saturday - supper: counter service (we arrive in the evening)
Sunday - supper: Chef Mickey’s
Monday - supper: Sci Fi Drive in
Tuesday - breakfast: Donald’s Breakfastasaurus
supper: Cinderella’s Gala at 1900 Park Fare
Wednesday - morning: counter service
the rest of the day we are spending at Universal.
Thursday - no PSs yet. I don’t know what to add here…
Friday - breakfast: Princess Storybook breakfast
supper: Crystal Palace Character supper
Saturday - I don’t know if I want a sit down, since we are leaving in the evening and we might want to spend our last few minutes wisely…


ooooh, how about Cape May Cafe? They have a character breakfast or if you prefer dinner (no characters) - consistently good food! Where are you staying?


We’re staying at PC. I will look into Cape May. Thanks for the suggestion. I think they give us too many meals with this dining option, I don’t know where to fit it all in :rolleyes:


Love you choices of Sci-Fi and Chef Mickeys. We are doing Donald’s breakfast for the first time this year also.
I have to recommend Wispering Canyon, since we’ve had so much fun there, another fun one would be 50’s Prime Time.
And for some real good food I always recommend LeCellier.

PS - take a really good look at the dining plan and try and get the most for your money.

Have Fun!!


My DH would love Le Cellier, but how is it with kids?


What kind of food does Whispering Canyon serve? I haven’t heard much about it. 50’s sounds interesting, but I don’t think I’d like to be a star in the show :wink:


Whispering Canyoun serves homecooked type foods presented in an old west cattle drive fashion.

Here is the breakfast menu:



IMHO, you have a great list, and a very full one at that also. I think you might find that it would be nice to leave one day open w/out PSes. I find that while I enjoy them, they also restrict us in some ways and force us to work around our meals! Just a thought, maybe leave Thursday open to explore and just drop in on whatever restaurant you happen upon whenever you get hungry.

P.S. and as far as worrying about not getting in because “everything’s booked”, we went during Easter Week when they shut down the MK parking lot and everything was 110 min. wait, and were told we wouldn’t be able to eat anywhere. We walked right in to a restaurant on the Boardwalk at 6:30PM w/no PS and didn’t have to wait at all.


Hey, looks great. But I’d be careful about Sci Fi-- Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is funny for adults, and big kids would get the joke, too… but if I’d taken my little guy at four there, he would have been terrified. Maybe they’ve lightened the content-- anyone been there recently? Or maybe your kids would do fine… just wanted to throw that out…
Have you tried Hoop De Doo? or O’Hana’s? Both very kid friendly.


They have the basic kids menu of hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc. And the servers will make them a chocolate “moose” for dessert. Though the atmosphere is “wine cellar”, it’s not stuffy or “high-class”. The attitude is definitely laid-back. Every kid I’ve seen there seems happy enough. And the food makes adults very happy.


Keep in mind if you use Le Cellier on the dining plan it counts as a signature dining option and will use up two of your table service dining credits for each person…

If you want a similiar–yet slightly less classy and more kid friendly-- option to Le Cellier try Rose and Crown in the UK in Epcot. They have great steak and shrimp (my mouth is watering just thinking about it) And it only uses up one of your table service dining options as apposed to two.


here’s the menu for Rose and Crown…
btw if you make your PS around 7-7:30 depending on the time…you can get a front row seat for Illuminations! (the fireworks show at EPCOT)…and you DONT want to miss it…trust me!


Gracie… for Thursday, how about a nice restaurant in EC before teh Illuminations show? We like Rose & Crown, L’Originale Alfredo di Roma, Teppanyaki and most especially Biergarten! If you make PS around 7:30, you will be finishing just in time for fireworks!