PS List...subject to change ;)


Ok, so we are leaving for our Little girl’s first Disney trip in just 25 days and we have finally come up with a PS list - thought I could run it by you all for some much needed feedback/advice:

Chef Mickey’s (dinner)
Cinderella’s Royal Table (breakfast)
Cape May Cafe (breakfast)
Crystal Palace (breakfast)
Boma (breakfast - this is a Mommy & Daddy’s favorite)
Earl of Sandwich

Still have some on the ? list:
1900 Park Fare
50’s Prime Time
Whispering Canyon

So, what do ya think??


Did you already get your PS for the CRT? If so, congratulations!

Looks like a fun list you’ve got there.


Yes, I did get it already :mickey: - funny thing is that I am so use to getting for clients that I almost forgot to call for myself :wacko:


Great choices!!! I went to Crystal Palace for my Sweet 16 and it was so fun!! Your DD will love it! :slight_smile:


I like you choices. I would try to get to Whispering Canyons if you could. Also, the Trails End Buffet at Ft. Wilderness is great rib-sticking food! :whistling


I never thought of Trails End - thanks!! I could combine it with a visit to the petting zoo at Ft. Wilderness :mickey:


You chould also add on the nightly campfire sing-a-long! Great fun and it’s free!!! :biggrin:


Looks great. I would however try to attend 1900 Park Fare for Alice alone. She really was wonderful with our DD. I cannot say enough about her. I booked thinking that DD would love The Mad Hatter (her fav. on movies), but she did not. She did like the other charcters (Pooh, Tigger and Mary Poppins was in the lobby). Alice though was special. DD has the photo of her on Alice’s lap --right after Alice kissed her boo-boo better-- framed in her room. IMO this Alice is a must-see.


I would definitely try to do Whispering Canyon and the Campfire sing-a-long. We do them on the same night and have a blast. It is a very fun and relazing evening for us and you will definitely enjoy it.


Whispering Canyon is awesome especially with kids!! Your other choices sound awesome too!!!


All great choices.

I’d ad Sci-Fi, if you happen to be at the studios and want some cool atphmosphere.

I also must recommend the Wispering Canyon. It’s just one of those “have to do it” at least once kind of places. Lots of fun and good food!!

Have a great trip!!!


fun fun fun!


Looks great! (I am not sure if you know this already but you dont need a PS at Earl of Sandwhich) —but EOS is YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY


Really good choices. We have several of the same.

Have a great trip!


Yes I did know that - I am an overplanner anyway (hence my profession- HA!) so if they take them, I make them!! no matter what time of year :wacko: I figured we could hit EOS as our leisure.