PS's Done!


Le Cellier the first night - never have eaten here but it always smells so good when we walk by

Cinderellas castle the 2nd night - must on every trip

Ohana’s on our last night - my favorite

Crystal palace for breakfast on our departure day.

Am I missing anything that others consider a must?


You have some great choices there.

I always recommend Whispering Canyon to anyone that hasn’t been there and is up for a fun time with some pretty good food.


I think your PS’s sound great! You’re doing some spots I haven’t tried yet, but hey, there’s always next trip. Not sure if you are really into character meals, but I would maybe try Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary. We had a blast! Good food, lots of fun and ton of character time!


I think your plans look great! 'Ohana is a must do for us, it’s always good. We tried Le Cellier for the first time this summer and had a wonderful lunch.


Sounds wonderful!! you’ll love Le Cellier. I’ve never heard a bad review about it!


Your PS’s look great, we are also trying Le Cellier for tha first time too.


You have excellent choices there. I like all those places.


They all sound perfect to me, too!


Have never been to Whispering Canyon but now you have me thinking about it. So many choices, so few days!!!


That’s always my problem! I’m still trying to fit another restaurant in our trip plans.