PS's or just wing it


I am going to Disney Nov. 28th to Dec. 3. I am making some PS’s, but I don’t know if I should make them for every meal that we are there. How many of you make PS’s instead of just winging it? Do you think that I will have to wait in major lines this time of the year?


I say make the PS for things you really can’t stand to miss, or for major dinner shows like the luau or Hoop de doo review. You can call from your hotel phone or any phone in the parks once your there or make ps ressies as you arrive in whatever park you are in for that day.


I would make PS’s for anything you absolutelydo not want to miss!! And maybe check for PS’s once you get there on the other places!!!


One time we ‘winged it’ on the Sci-Fi restaurant. It had a three hour wait period. We also winged it at Liberty Tree Tavern to an hour and a half wait. Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s, Storybook all seem to book solid. All table dining must seat those with Priority Seating first, before getting to those on stand-by, so you could be on hold for a while before eating, which is why Karlie and Inluv. recommend getting those ‘must do’s’ booked.


IMO, the best thing to do is to make a PS for every night that you are there, so that at least you’re covered. If you decide to “wing it” from there, that’s great, but at least you’ll have the backup.

When you “wing it”, you should still try to make a PS a few hours ahead of time, just to make sure that you won’t have to wait for a table, and then you can cancel your other PS that you won’t do.


From my perspective, I’ve found that arranging a PS for every meal, or even every dinner meal was just too restrictive. Was always afraid we would miss that great fireworks display or parade.

My personal preference is to arrange several PSs for places I want to visit every time, I may make a few PSs for places that we may or may not go to depending on situation. But there are some nights where we just don’t want to go ‘out’ to eat, so we just eat light and snack. That allows us to stay in the vacation mindset, and not feel as though we are the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.


Making a PS doesn’t mean you have to use it. As a matter of fact, Disney expects a certain percentage of no-shows and plans accordingly (which, curiously enough can rarely result in a long wait, despite having a PS.)

The only reason I suggested making a PS for each night is to be sure that you’re never left stranded without a nice place for a sit down meal.


I agree with Tao re: the white rabbit.
In the past we have made one PS a day (usually for lunch) and then grab dinner from a counter restaurant or a snack when the urge hits us. Another advantage of making PSs for lunch is that if I plan where we will start the day and then we decide to go somewhere else (another park or back to the resort) we aren’t scrambling to get back to our PS. It gives us a little flexibility.
The only time that I will make PSs for dinner is the night we do Fantasmic and the night we go to the candlelight processional.


We made PS’s for 4 things. One breakfast and 3 dinners. I did a lot of research on the restaurants and I had a list for each park on where we could pick-up something for breakfast, a list of places to get lunch and depending on what we did at night, different places to eat dinner, both in the parks or out (Boardwalk or DTD). We would pick which park we would go to the night before and decide on if we would eat there for dinner or somewhere else. I would call in the morning to make a PS for Dinner if needed. The only one we could not get another PS for was Chef Mickey’s. We went there on our arrival day and the boys loved it so much, we tried again, but could not get an early enough PS.

I have two picky eaters, DS and DH, so I had to really read into the restaurants to make sure there was something for everyone. I narrowed down about 3 or 4 places for breakfast/lunch and a few for dinner. Needless to say, all went very well and we ate great.


We like to have a PS for lunch. We like to get to the parks early. We have also found that we do not make good decisions when we are tired. One time we found it was 3:00 pm and we still could not decide where to eat lunch! As a result, we now plan our lunch and generally stick with our plan. That’s where the PS comes in handy! :mickey:


This will be my 10th trip (I think!) and the first time I have made PS’s before I go. Usually we decide the day before where we want to go the next day and call from our room to make PS’s. I have never had trouble getting in at close to the time I want (I go during the slow season, so obviously it wouldn’t work during the busy times!). This time I made them early just to do something different. I also wanted breakfast at Chef Mickey’s and didn’t think I would get it if I didn’t do it early.


If you’re planning on going to the better restaraunts, yes, make priority seatings. If you’re trying to make a show or something else that’s time critical, make a priority seating reservation. If you think it’s going to be a busy time, make a priority seating. If you want to have breakfast with Mickey, make a priority seating. You can always cancel, and they don’t cost any extra, with one or two exceptions.


Excellent tip…just go ahead and make ressies now for each day of your trip, and if you find something better…you won’t be out. But if the place is packed, you’re covered!


11/27 - 12/4 - We have PS for at least one meal per day except for the 2 days we are at that “other park.” Everyone should have at least one good meal a day to balance out all the snacking that you do on vacation. We have a couple lunches and a couple dinners. More than that gets too restrictive an puts you in that commando-style vacation mode and then everyone gets stressed out and then the nightmares begin. Keep it loose. :cool:


We’re definitely the “wing it” type, but that’s not for everyone. I see nothing wrong with making PS’s, even if your plans change and you don’t use them. However, it is courteous to call and cancel at least a hour before.