Pumouse's one day Trip to the land


Okay, so I was having a crummy week so on Wednesday night I told Pepperjack “I think I may come out to Disneyland tomorrow.” She thought it was a great idea! I thought about it all night, and Thursday morning I told the kids to pack a few things because we are leaving! We went to Walmart and picked up some snacks, water and soda. We came home and packed up the dogs, got our suitcases loaded and we were off. We got on the freeway about 4pm, got stuck in traffic finally reached the freeway. It went pretty well until we were almost to Orange County, one of the freeways was closed so we had to take a detour. We finally got to the hotel, the Red Roof Inn Maingate, and checked in about 1:30 am. We got ready for bed, I forgot my jammies, but no biggie. We woke up super early, about 7. Got ready and went to Disneyland. We got to California Adventure about 9 and to our surprise there was hardly anyone there! We went to soarin over California, no line. Grizzly River Run, no line. Tower of Terror, no line. Monsters inc, California Screamin, Muholland madness, hardly any line. Next we were off to Disneyland.


We decided to get lunch after going to Space Mountain and seeing the 80 minute wait! We got some fast passes and then went to the Pizza Port, it was pretty good. We headed over to Haunted Mansion, while we were waiting in line the ride broke down. I sent a text message to Pepperjack and before she had a chance to respond to tell me that this kind of thing always happens and not to get out of line, we got out of line. While we were walking out they opened the gates back up and the ride started going again. bummer. So we headed over to Splash Mountain, waited in line, it was only about 30 minutes. I actually never go on it because I can’t stand that falling feeling, but I promised Doughnut that I would so I did. It was sooooo fun!! I love that ride now!


We headed over to Indiana Jones, it was a 75 minute wait, so we grabbed some fast passes and moved on. We went to The Tiki room to get a Dole Whip, OMG!! It was so good! I got the float, it was like heaven in a cup! Yummy! I want to go back just to get another one! Then we went to the Bengal Barbeque and got some Chicken and Beef Skewers, and some pretzels for the veggie twins. I had never had those either, but they really good. Next we headed over to Small world. Watched to Fireworks, they were shortened because of high winds. Then we went to Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise. We grabbed a Churro, picked up the dogs and headed back to the hotel.


Saturday morning I got a call on my cell phone, it was Pepperjack! We decided to meet at DTD. I called her back a few minutes later and we decided to meet at the beach. We got there about 11:30 and went over by the water. Pepperjack called a few minutes later and said that she found my van, I tried to describe where I was, I’m not great with directions. She said she was on the stairs with a red shirt on, I finally spotted her, I said “I’m right in front of you!” She said “where?” “Right in front of you, I have 2 dogs with me.” “Where?” She finally spotted me to! She was so cute and funny! We talked about all of you guys, forgot to take pictures, we are both kinda dingy! Anyway, I forgot to put quarters in the meter, and Pepperjack had to head over to her parents house, so we left.


Yeah!!! Love spontaneous trips. :heart:


The drive home was okay, kinda boring. Why is the drive there so much better than the drive home? We had a great time, another day would have been even better, but it was really fun! I didn’t take any pictures the whole time, I just didn’t think of it, but it was one of the best days that I’ve ever had at Disneyland, and one of the best trips I’ve had ever!


It was so fun! That’s the first time I’ve done anything like that!


Becasue you don’t have the “I’m going to WDW excitement” flowing through your veins. Just the the flight there always takes longer than the flight home. The flight to WDW feels like the longest 2hours and 20some minutes of my year…lol Loved your report. I envy that you can just get up and say I’m going to DL…I would love to be able to do that. I may have a breakdown of some kind with out the 10months of preparation and packing lists…OM…I feel faint…LOL kidding of course!


Hey, did you play VMK anything? Did you get some codes? Waaaat, no???

I am happy for you though for this spontaneous trip. How fun. How long of a drive is it from Phoenix to Anaheim?


Wow sounds like a great trip! :smile:


Haha! Yeah, after forgetting my jammies I realized that a little planning may have helped,heehee!


It’s usually 6 hours, but it took a lot longer because of rush hour traffic, an accident and freeways closings. I did not get to play anything, it was just too short of a trip. I was kinda bummed about it to.


I’m glad you had fun. I wish I was close enough to any of these to have a spontaneous trip!


It really was great! I was a little nervous, my husband usually drives, but he didn’t come. I drove all the way both ways!


Glad you had fun. :smile:

You should have got a limo. :tongue:


Oh, I wish I had thought of that! :tongue: Did you see that I met Pepperjack? She is even more adorable that you think!


Really??? Or are you just sayin’ :wink:


Very COOL! That’s about how far I am from WDW…we go a couple times a year but I keep saying that I’m going to take off one Friday and surprise DS with a long weekend trip…maybe one of these days. I’m glad to hear you had a great time!!


Are you kidding? You absolutely should do that!


Sounds like a great trip, Pumouse! How many kiddos did you have with you and what did they like best?