Purchasing a Magical Memories Brick


I have been looking all over the web to purchase a disney brick. I was just in DL and got a brochure, of course I lost it and would like to purchase one. Does anyone know how to buy one online, or any info. Thanks.


I didn’t even know you could still buy those. DH and I bought ours 8 years ago.


I don’t think they’re available anymore. I was searching a few months back and I heard through another set of message boards that they are no longer available.


Well, the ones in WDW are not for sale anymore, I think that’s the ones people are referring to, but I think you meant you were interested in doing this in DL? I have never heaard about it but if I see anything I will DEFINATELY let you know. Someone here HAS to have info!


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This is my first post here at DC and I apologize for any mistakes now and in the future. Bricks? Would these be the same bricks that are outside the Magic Kingdom on the walkway?


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They do have the walkway bricks outside MK at WDW in Florida, but I too had heard they were no longer selling them. Not sure about bricks at Disneyland in California.


We would like to purchase a brick for our family as well. When they were first offered, it wasn’t within our means, if you get my drift.

(Don’t they also have some on the walkway from Poly to TTC? I could be mistaken, since the ol’ memory noodle doesn’t work so good sometimes - lol)


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The stones I was asking about are at Disneyland. They are still selling them, but there are only a few left. Any info is great!!!


Thank you all for the welcome. The bricks caught my attention because back about 8 or 9 years ago we stayed at the Polynesian and the package we got came with a brick for the walkway somewhere around Bay Lake. The brick has our family name on it and the date we stayed at the Polynesian. I would like to know where our brick is at so we can take a picture of it this June when we go back to WDW. Again, thank you for the welcome.


When we bought ours we were given a certificate with the location number on it to tell us where it would be. Ours is on the path between TTC and the Poly. Oh, and by the way, welcome wing rider!


Shelley, I found this for you, but it may be old I think it from 2000.
Beginning May 1st all guests can purchase a Disney’s Walk of Magical Memories brick. These bricks, customized with names and a date, will be placed between the entrances of Disneyland and Disney’ California Adventure. Price is $150 (the Premium Annual Passport discount does apply). To order or for more information, visit the Bank of Main Street or call (800) 362-4533.

I hope it helps !


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Hey, for $50 I’ll sell you a brick! I’ll even use a PERMENANT marker to write your name on it and put it in my side walk!!!

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I wish we’d done one back on our honeymoon trip–our first trip together… 12 years this year!



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One of my great regrets in life is that I never got to buy one of these bricks at WDW. I guess if this reamains my one big regret, then I’ve had a pretty good life…HA! But I regret it just the same. I would LOVE to have one of them… They’re SOOOOOO much better than those stupid tiny metal pictures at Epcot…


Bricks are still available for DL only. I’m looking into buying one as a surprise for my DW when we go later in the year so SHHH! Don’t tell her!

There is actually a special deal going on right now until sometime in May. If you are a DisneyVisa cardholder, you can get a discount. You can check out this on the disneygallery.com website.

The thing that makes this better than the WDW bricks is that you can actually purchase a replica to display at home.

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