Purchasing Fast Pass Tickets


…on ebay?

Good Idea?



Bad idea, its a scam. THey are not for sale, I believe it says that right on the Fastpass. These people are either making them on their computer or selling you expired ones. You very well could get up to the CM and be turned away and be out the money.


OK stupid question.

I stumbled across a seller with FPs for Pooh for 99 cents, free “shipping” and was thinking cool, someone just wants to get rid of their extra fastpasses.

I immediaely came here and asked my question.

With further investigation the seller says that:

1, you are bidding on an envelope, they are adding the “passes” as a bonus
2, they are NOT from WDW but they have used them before b/c CMs only look at the time.


Further investigation…

Other sellers are selling entire park fast pass’ for $350.00!

Again, bidding on an envelope for recreations of fastpasses. They say that they are just like the ones that never had an expiration?!

Whatever…I have to say I am quite embarassed for my lack of judgement and asking such a stupid question! :blink:




No need to be. It would be great if this were on the up and up. I would love to do WDW with a hand full of fastpasses. However, this is really risky and you could be out the money and there would be nothing you could do about it. The seller knows he can’t sell fastpasses so he’s getting around it by selling an envelope. I’ve read about these people on other boards and they’re printing the fastpasses on their computers.


Not a stupid question. This subject has come up before. Just don’t be fooled.:wink: These people are scammers.


I like the idea you put this out there for newbies.


Did ya ever do something so dumb that you feel that you feel the stupidity to the tips of your toes?

I know better than that! :blush:

I am rolling my eyes and blushing at the same time!

Well, at least bossmouse found the silver lining?!!




BID on an envelope get free Fastpasses . . . YIKES!!! Where is ebay, shouldn’t they be pulling this down?

I posted a scrapbook kit, and used a picture from the internet . . . I got and infringing on intellectual property email and the next day BAM, my auction was down . . . but they leave this up for people to be scammed? :angry:

Makes me sick!! Did you report the auction to ebay!


No I did not. I actually do not use e-bay often, I have always thought of it as an internet garage sale + shipping!

BUT I have been checking it out for a used Buzzlightyear costume for Ty for MNSSHP. (Keep your fingers crossed, I found one!) and I decided to search “Walt Disney World” to see what would come up.

Anyway…I don’t even know how to report. I will go and try to figure it out now.



OK now I’m obsessing…

Look at this…

"[I]There has been a lot of questions regarding the authenticity of Attraction Re-Entry Passes with all the counterfeit passes being sold on eBay lately. I will answer the most asked questions now.

Question: I thought all Re-Entry Passes have expiration dates?

Answer: All current Re-Entry Passes made after 2008 have expiration dates, Re-Entry Passes with Expiration dates have only been around for 6 months. All Re-Entry Passes made prior to 2008 DID NOT have expiration dates. The Passes in this auction are the older 1st generation Re-Entry Passes and Do Not have an expiration date, they are much more valuable because they are valid FOREVER so you’re not tied to use them by a certain date and they hold their value because unused passes can be resold on eBay after your trip.

Question: Do the top and bottom edges of your passes have perforations?

Answer: YES, All genuine Re-entry passes have perforations on the top and bottom edges.

Question: Are your Passes Legitimate?

Answer: YES, Over 500 happy customers and counting. You have the peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a trusted Power Seller.

Question: Not all those rides have fast pass lines, do they?

Answer: No they don’t, but with these passes you get escorted to an backdoor alternate entrance and directly onto the ride.

Disclaimer: You are bidding on a plain white envelope. The passes are a FREE gift; seller is not responsible if you can’t use your passes because the ride is closed, inclement weather, rescheduling, cancelations , or ANY other reason you are unable to use these free passes. All Sales are Final, No Returns.

NOTE: Beware of eBay sellers offering Counterfeit & Expired Attraction Re-Entry Passes, at the time of this listing there are a number of sellers offering FAKE Attraction Re-Entry Passes[/I]. "


Um…backdoor alternate entrance? What?

Here is the link to the exact auction…

25 Disney World FastPass,Fast Passes,Pass Tickets, - eBay (item 190230975519 end time Jun-22-08 11:00:33 PDT)

Seller has about 8 different auctions.



I would never by FP’s since A. They are free and B. The dates ARE printed on them. I had one in my wallet from last week and the date is printed on it. Also, I saw more than one CM turn away people at the FP entrance for having invalid passes, wrong dates, wrong times and YES…even the wrong ride.


What a scam! I feel so bad for the people who have never been to WDW, don’t know how things work, and actually shell out the $299 and find out they can’t use them. :mad:


Passes are a free gift… what a joke!! Over 500 happy customers and counting… what?? Where in the world are they getting these things.


This reminds me of Monorail Man. Before he got kicked off the board he was ebaying a “virtual” WDW vacation. You pay him to go to WDW, take a bunch of pictures, and buy you some souvenier. Fortunately, he didn’t get any takers.

BTW, I’m ebaying navel lint, if anyone is interested.


Depends on the color.


There is no way this is legit. The fastpasses have a date on them and a time, and they list the ride. It would be impossible for someone to do this. Besides that, what is so wrong about getting a fastpass and waiting for your time. That’s part of the fun. This is most definitely a scam, and a really mean one at that. It is definitely for the disney uneducated to get taken for a ride. I feel for any family that shows up with a scam fastpass for their kids and gets turned away. If they have never been to WDW then they have no way of Knowing. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DO NOT BUY FASTPASSES ON EBAY!!! IT IS A SCAM!!! REPEAT… IT IS A SCAM!!!


What’s even more curious is that this person doesn’t have a lot of negative feedback. I’m thinking that the buyers must have given feedback before trying to use the passes. I looked over the seller’s feedback and found a couple of negatives–one stated that this was a fraud. Another person had initially given positive feedback but then added a note that they wasted their money because they could not use the passes. Very sad! It makes me wish I could warn people not to be fooled by mean people like that!


There’s a difference between a fastpass and a reentry pass. A reentry pass is good any time for a couple of weeks. We were given a reentry pass when we were stuck on Big Thunder. It was good on any Fastpass ride in MK for maybe 10 days.


there are super fastpasses that they give out at DVC to prospective buyers but they also expire sevral days after issuance