'Push' Video


I don’t know if you guys have seen this video yet, but it was too adorable not to share! There are many great videos of Push the talking trash can, but I particularly loved this one!
Proposal - YouTube
I hope it brightens your day! :happy:


Wow that is adorable! We love Push, so cute and funny. Thanks.


That was a great video!


sweet. I love watching Push.


That was really great. Thanks for sharing.


If you ever encounter Push, look around. You’ll eventually notice a guy (I’ve never see a female), with a satchel hanging off his shoulder. Look closer, and you’ll see he’s wearing a microphone with a distorter and the satchel is the remote control to drive Push. I would never point out this to my kids, but I think it’s neat to watch him ad lib and stay in character. THAT’S the WDW job I want–he is making people laugh all day long.


Oh yeah, we look for him whenever we see Push, that must be the coolest job! I haven’t seen him around in a while though, does he still come out?


We saw him last trip, which was last December.
It’s very cool watching kids reaction to what he does, wondering if it’s REALLY a garbage can come to life.