Just was wondering how many here have had the pure joy of interacting with Push the living trash can in the World.
We were there in June for my youger DD 16 birthday and as we were heading to Spacemountain she started getting followed by Push without knowing it till it engaged her in conversation. I caught eye of the handler about 30 feet away with his hand in a over the shoulder satchel and holding his hand to his mouth as she and Push held the cutest interaction. My wife yelled to her, “Would you like your picture taken with Push?” and being a teenager she said “No”. Immediately Push yells “Yes!” and so it was. If you havent seen Push you should make an effort to do so.


Our gang would always search out Push. I love the looks on peoples faces when they not only see it moving, but also trying to strike up a conversation.


We had a great interaction with Wes Palm outside of the Animal Kingdom. And when I say ‘We’ I mean my DD #2. She, too, was in her teens. What a hoot.


We have had many a conversation with PUSH, the last time was in 2010. We were walking through tomorrowland and he decided to roll over and chat with us. It was so much fun, the kids always get a kick out of it. Push suggested we take a family picture with him, which we gladly did, it was so funny because there was this little boy that kept looking inside trying to figure him out and Push kept saying “Hey, little dude we’re trying to take a family picture here”, we got a chuckle out of that.