Q about booking a room w/ a discount


I got a pin # via email for a discount for our travel dates but we want to stay longer than the listed dates (7 nights instead of 6). For example, the discount is good for Nov 27-Dec 3 but we want to stay through Dec 4.

My question is, do we just have to check in on one of those valid dates and our whole trip is then discounted or is it day to day? If we check in on Nov 27 and check out on Dec 4 will we get the discount through the 3rd and then pay full price for the 4th? Am I making sense? I feel like I’m talking in circles. :tongue: TIA!


You should get the discount as long as the checkin date is in the discount…but if it was the other way and you wanted to checkin early say a couple of days before the discount date than you would have to make two separate reservations. I hope that can answer your question.


If it’s a sale with a “minimum night stay” then you can increase your stay and use the discount for all your nights. If the sale has limited dates, ex. the sale ends on the 3rd, and you want to extend to the 4th, you’ll have to pay regular price for the extra night.


There are several blocks of dates that the discount is good for (40% off deluxe rack room rates). One of the blocks is Nov 27-Dec 3, our dates. We want to stay 7 nights, not 6 though so we’d want to check out on the 4th not the 3rd. If we check in on the 27th, do we get the 40% off for the entire 7 nights or just those specific dates? OR, I hadn’t thought about this…Is the discount good for the night of Nov 27 through the night of Dec 3, leaving on the 4th? Hmm.


We’ve received the reduced rate for the whole trip if we check in during the offer period and stay beyond.

Call them and put it this way…
“I want to stay 7 nights. If you will credit the reduced rate for the last night the same as the package I will book now.”

It might take a manager but they can do it. They want the room filled as soon as possible these days.


Thanks for the help! I have to book by Feb 28 to get the offer so I needed to figure out what to tell DH as far as how much so we can decide which resort.