QS at resort and drinks with dining plans


My question is, does any one know if they will still let you get bottle drinks, milk, juice, etc. at the QS dining in the resorts if you have a meal plan? Reason why I ask is because all meal plans come with the mug now, so they know that you have a mug.:eek: Now that I see it in writing, this is probably a stupid question because if you get QS at a different resort then you can’t use your mug. :blush:

Any insight would be appreciated. I guess I can always ask when I get there.


You still get a drink with your Quick Service meal. The mug is a bonus.


Thanks Dana! Last year we purchased mugs. First time ever getting them & I would use mugs for the meal, but get milk with plan for the next morning or a bottled drink for a trip to the parks. We also ate at the resort more than we have before so I took advantage several times. :happy:


You are very welcome. I am a HUGE fan of the Quick Service plan. I am at the point where I could care less about the table meals. I would rather play in the parks!