Quakercub and Chastmastr!


One Day left?!?!

Are you so excited???

I can’t wait to hear all about your trip when you return! Have a great time!!!

We’ll miss your extremely wonderful sense of humor, and I will personally miss all your jokes I’m not smart enough to get :wink:

Have a blast, you two!
:wub: :wub: :wub:


HAVE FUN!!! Take tons of pictures, come back with many exciting stories, and most importantly…

:mickey: HAVE A MAGICAL TRIP!!! :mickey:

We’ll miss you both!


Awe, you will be missed! Have fun and take lots of pictures!


Yay for you guys!!! Have tons of fun and take lots of pics:)

Oh yeah…and what Erin said about the jokes…many of them leave me feeling :huh:


Have a wonderful trip you two! :mickey:


Have a great trip guys. Warn them at CSR that I’m coming. I hope to see you there!!


VERY excited!!!

current mood: excited

whoa, deja vu


Have a great trip!!! :slight_smile:


Have a great trip!


Thanks to all of you. We’re already starting to get our voices in shape to sing IASMW as we cross under the WDW arch. (just a little tradition we have). Promise to bring back pics and a TR!!!

Thanks again. Talk to you all soon!!


I hope y’all have a GREAT trip. I’ll PM you with my address so y’all can send me that wonderful souviner that I’m sure y’all wanna buy for me…:biglaugh:

Ok…really…have a great trip…


Have a great trip!!


Have a “Magical” trip! Will look forward to hearing all about it when you return. :mickey:


ooh! Lucky ducks!!!

Have an amazing time (without me! sniff) can’t wait for you TR :mickey:


Have a safe & fun trip!!


Have a safe and magical trip you guys!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:


I guess I had posted in the other one…?

Basically, I said, even though i don’t get the jokes most of the time - HAVE FUN!!!


haha, I posted 2 during a DC Crash.

Leave it to you to pick the OTHER one! :wub:



I know - I would post in the one no one else picks up on! I kept looking over this thread, like, ‘why’d my post get deleted?! I didn’t say anything offensive!!’

Then it hit me!


It’s down to the wire, counting in hours, not days!! I’m ready now!!! Wanna go now!!! Are we there yet, Daddy, are we there yet!!!