Quality princess underware


i am looking for some “top quality” underwear for my DD with the disney princesses on them. i have purchased some that were “hanes” brand from wal-mart and also from target, but these shrink up alot and are not made a real good quality IMO.

does anyone know where i might find some really good quality undies for DD? ]



The disney store is your best bet. Try disneyshopping.com if you aren’t able to get a disney store. I have always found their clothing to be of the highest quality. It’s a bit expensive as compared to wallmart and target, but you get what you pay for. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for good quality.


okay thanks…will check it out. yeah, the one’s from wal-mart were super cheap, and like you, i am more than happy to pay a bit more for something that will last a while and that is made well.


okay, so i checked out the online store, because the closest store to me is about 1.5hrs. away…and they don’t have what i want. but on ebay i saw some okg.s that were from the disney store, but not in my DD size. so i am asking my sis who lives in seattle to go to the disney store there…maybe they will have the right thing in my DD size. thanks dana, for the “where to go info.” now i’ve given my sis the mission!! :slight_smile:


Just an FYI. I have purchased many things from the disney store and disney shopping. While they have good quality clothing their sizing tends to run small. I suggest buying one size larger than you need. Although I have not purchased undergarments, this has been my experience with almost everything else from adult clothing, kids clothing, swimsuits, pj’s, and costumes.

Also know that Disney Stores are now owned by The Children’s Place, so the clothing is of that quality if you have ever shopped there.

Hope this helps, and hope you find what you are looking for.


I have purchased Princess underwear from the disney store before and they are good quality! My DD STILL wears them to this day!
she’s got the different princess with the 7 days of the week and she has 3 pairs of Minnie ones that I bought from DTD last year!

AND I would buy the items online, you get good deals thru your email of sales going on and it’s REAL Disney merchandise as opposed to the store where it come from the Children’s Place. Dont get me wrong, The Childrens Place clothes ARE Good quality but they dont make the same things you see online or in the catalog from Disney themselves.

Hope that helps! :happy:


Really? Everything there is the opposite for my DD. All their sizes run BIG on my DD.
Also I still have items from the actual “Disney Store” before Children’s Place bought them out and its the same, some things still fit her.


I’m glad this has been your experience. It is nice to buy things for your kids and have them get a lot of use out of them. Maybe it depends on the child or who knows, maybe I just shrink everything. :laugh:


Maybe try Kohl’s too?
I’ve gotten some from there (also princess since my DD is obsessed with them) and they seem to be holding up pretty well… but her ones from walmart are also…


If sis can’t grab them, let me know. I would be happy to get them for you. :heart:


thanks dana, :wink:

my sister doesn’t have any children & is totally clueless about disney & a girl’s need for princess underwear…so she will probably have me on the cell phone while shopping in the store!!LOL…but that will be fun to buy them “together”. she’s camping this weekend, so she hasn’t gotten my email yet, so we will see what she thinks about the “task” after she reads her mail tomarrow!LOL (i think she will be thrilled to shop for my DD, megan :wub: )

and momofaprincess…i am going to go by kohl’s in the meantime. :slight_smile: ~thanks for the tip!


This princess gets her quality underwear from Victoria’s Secret :tongue:

I am such a dork:rolleyes:


LOL - well, either I’m shrinking them too or I have the same issue you do! I always buy things one size larger for my DS from disneyshopping.com!

chottsy - hope your sister is able to find what you’re looking for!!


I just got some for our granddaughter from Kohl’s and put them up for our trip in October. I sure hope they fit or we will be making a mad dash to DTD for underwear.

On the other hand - I work for Kohl’s and I have never had any complaints about the underwear.


well, i said i would try go by kohl’s to see what they had…i found out we don’t have one of those in p’cola either!!! so i would have to order online…they are not as expensive as the one’s from disney store, and appear from the photo to be a better cotton and style than the hanes brand from wal-mart. i also found a 10% coupon for online order from kohl’s. but with shipping it will be about the same as if my sister buys the ones at the disney store and brings them home with her when she visits at the end of june.

so my question is…if anyone has had both the ones from disney store and kohl’s…is one superior to the other? the ones from kohl’s have an embroidered pair in the pk. of 3. not too sure about that working out…embroidery can be rough on the back side. i sew scraps of soft t-shirt material over the back side of embroidery on my DD shirts or pants to be sure they won’t scratch…it’s kinda a pet peeve…that embroidery, it’s cute, but scratchy!!LOL

sorry to make this whole underwear issue seem major…it’s not :slight_smile: it’s just hard to buy something when you have no way of knowing the quality…and shipping is not refundable!

any MORE info. re: the ones from kohl’s would help…



Iam paranoid about clothes shrinking so I hang dry alot of stuff!! :laugh: :laugh:

and do ya know I get 2 years wear out of their bathing suits???
Now those I wash in cold water w/woolite and of course hang dry! :wink:
the only thing from the disney store that does not last is the costume dress up slippers! My dd wears them all the time and they wear down so fast!!!

Another store where clothes run BIG for my DD is Target!!!
and it’s so hard when she’s a 7/8 and too big for 6X!!! I have bought skirts size 7 for her and she would pull them up and they would just fall to the floor like they are 3 sizes too big!! :eek:

I Wish I had her waist size!!! She has no waist, no hips and no Butt!!!
but she has long legs and long arms. Makes it kinda hard to buy things for her.

Other than that I do like to buy her tops 1 size bigger…

I dont know maybe my DD is the exception…


That is a GREAT idea, too bad I hate sewing! LOL
I give all my sewing jobs to my mom! Anyways, every little thing scratches my DD’s skin. She hates those fancy socks with the designs sewed in, any kind of stitching in a top, she won’t wear it and same goes with the pants. One day she came off the bus with her pants rolled up all the way to her knees and I was soo embarassed, if you could only picture what she looked like! LOL
Anyways I really like the t-shirts and the tops that are tagless and the info is printed on! I wish they made pants and every article of clothing tagless too! :happy:


those kind of socks have actually put a sore on my DD ankle!! when she was only about 1yo. she had a pair that had little frongs on them (gymboree) and where they folded over the frog’s eyes were right at the fold…they rubbed jer ankle raw!! i felt so bad for her :crying:

i now buy plain white socks from old navy…they hold up really well.

i think i am hard on our clothes in the laundry…i use a med. priced detergant, (whatever i have a coupon for) and always use downey fabric softner, and bounce sheets in the dryer…but i was in warm…sometimes hot…just think it gets the clothes cleaner???

best stain remover i have found~ other than bleach is ~ spray & wash dual action…it has oxy in it and it works GREAT!!


The ones that my DD has from Kohl’s are just plain cotton-- we got one pack of 3 with just ariel on them and the other 3 pack we got were also just cotton and it looks like younger verisons of cinderella/aurora/snow white.

good luck with your shopping!!

palmickey–(my uncle also works for kohl’s and loves it!–he works in richmond, va)


I wash in warm water too. I only wash towels and some whites in HOT.
We use a scoop of Oxy clean in each and every load plus arm & hammer detergent booster AND Clorox 2 to EVERY load in addition to detergent.
1 think I can tell you is that we have the Maytag Neptune front load and we hate the way it washes! It uses less water so I feel the clothes dont get as clean that way. Iam just a die hard fan of the Top loading maching w/agitator. And when I do use the dryer I use the Low heat setting, and put it on the halfway mark between very dry and less dry and the clothes always come out hot and dry! lol