Quality suites the royal parc suites


I got this as a good deal as everyone read in my last forum A sad story with happy ending. They now don’t want to honor there rate for me and the man I spoke with talked to me like a dog freddrick pirceing, I am now sitting here crying and worrying if I will get to go to Disney?


Can they really go back on the deal ? They sent me another confirmation with the same numbers but the price had been changed from 5 cents to $397.97.s this legal and when I called them they said "Did you really think you could get it for that price? I felt humilated and have cried all night b/c of it. Can someone give me some advice PLEASE!!!


I’ve heard of this happening on other boards. I don’t know all the details but I’ve seen hotels back out of things like this.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. When I read your post I was hoping the rate would be offered.


Are they affiliated with the Good Neighbor progrma Disney has? I know there is a whole section devoted to fixing issues with the hotels Disney calls good neighbors, that’s what FIL works in. If they are affiliated with Disney like that, you can call Disney and see if there is anything that can be done. If not, check into the fine print, a lot of companies these days will tell you they have the right to refuse/change things in event of a pricing error, gets them out of legal trouble if they do make an error. I’d still keep going up the chain and see what you can have done, if I remember correctly, you did call and double check that they’d honor that price, so it’s their fault.


Unfortunately, they can do this. I am sorry that they did it to you, but, perhaps you could find another offsite motel/hotel with reasonable rates. Check on mousesavers, they usually have discounts for offsite hotels listed. Good luck, and I am very sorry.


After staying off site versus on site. My feeling is it’s like having a wonderful new home with an outhouse. What a pain it is to stay off site if you came to enjoy all the benefits of DisneyWorld.


I would call corperate and complain and advise you will go public on this.