Question about All-Star Music & Sports?


This is one of the first questions I’ve asked in a while…trying not to jinx the possibility of a trip this Fall I guess!

Anyway, I know it’s been mentioned that All-Star Sports & Music are the biggest resorts that get school groups…especially bands and sports teams. (Obviously.) Are there certain times of the year that there are a lot of school trips? Because if we went in Fall (probably October), I’m wondering what the chances are of running into big groups like that?

If I thought there was a good chance of running into bands or sports teams, I’d probably go for POP instead. But we really wanted to stay at ASMu this time…

…any thoughts?


I would think that sports teams and such would be on the low in the early fall, because school just started and everyone is getting back into the swing of things. You have to keep in mind though, Disney brings in musical groups year-round for the parks.


we stayed at music in very early january and the crowds were small. there were no bands at the time or any kind of school event going on. the only event that was going on was the run/walk charity thing, i don’t remember the exact name, but that took place while we were there. in case you’re wondering on when in january specifically we went, it was the first week of january, just two days after the new year.


hmmph…who knows…stay at pop century…it’s pretty…and wonderful…that’s my input


LOL! :laugh: I knew you’d stay something like that! :biggrin:

I know, I know…after your experience with the All-Stars (whoops, I tried to abbreviate AS and make it plural…that didn’t work! :blush:) I’m seriously feeling apprehensive about them.

BUT…my thoughts on the matter are…maybe we should stay there before they get any worse???


Not a bad thought. I just booked a night at All Star Movies so my son could see the giant Toy Story figures.