Question about beverages at buffets


Concerning drinks at buffets, lately has anyone gotten soda AND coffee at a meal or is only one drink allowed? I know we have done this in the past, but things are always changing at Disney. I don’t mean the buffets that beverages are extra. I’m a bit weird, I’ll drink coffee with breakfast food. But at lunch and dinner, I prefer soda or water and coffee with dessert. Just one of those “not earth shaking, but would like to know” questions.:biggrin:


As of last year drinks were included.


We’ve had both at the same meal.


My DH has had an icetea and then coffee and only charged for one.


We’ve had both several times without any problems too.


I’m glad to hear we can still have both. Thanks everyone.:flowers:


Dave does this a lot at a late dinner or breakfast. He’ll get a drink and coffee with no problems. I hope it’s still the same too!


At breakfast I always have hot coffee and iced tea. DW has iced tea and some sort of juice. In fact at breakfast they’re usually pouring orange juice and coffee without you even asking for it on the server’s first visit to your table.
Buffets are all you can eat, and drink. If they have it, so can you.