Question about booking online?


If you book a WDW vacation online, I assume you make the deposit online via credit card. What about paying off the rest of the trip? Do you return online to do it, or do you have to call?



I’ve never been very good at the whole “online” business but apparently you can log on and somewhere their is a mysterious payment button. I tried and tried to find one trip and I never could.
Therefore I usually just book on the phone…lol.


When I book a hotel room I have to pay for the first night online, then pay the rest when you arrive at the hotel. If you are buying a package, I’m not sure I have never purchased one. Hope this helped.


Thanks for the help guys!!


kim…when you book a package online, you are required to pay via credit card a $200 deposit. As for the remaining balance, you need to pay that 45 days prior to your trip. You can pay that balance anyway you like. Mail them a check, call with a credit/debit card, it doesn’t matter.

As for booking room only…you pay for the first night of the room via credit card. the remaining is due at check in.


Thanks Jen, that helped me out a lot!


I booked our trip over the phone and they gave me 30 days to send my deposit in, and I am sending in Monthly payments…

I have not only mailed my payment in, but also applied it online and so far so good, my amount due is right.


I always book through the phone.


I booked over the phone my first time I went and I have always done it online after that. This last trip I made one payment online and then went to pay the whole thing off another month and, I don’t know if it was because it was a debit card or what, but it wouldn’t take the whole amount because it was too large so I had to call Disney to make that final payment. I thought that was weird- didn’t want my payment because it was too large!!?:blink:


On line, just like with human assistance, packages are a $200 deposit and additional payments can also be made on line or by phone. If you are booking room only, you have to pay the first night as a deposit and again additional payments can be made on line or by phone.
All the rest of the restrictions and rules apply to both on line and phone reservations.


the same thing happens with debit cards at gas stations now when you need more than $50 to fill the tank. The pump shuts off at $50 with debit cards but not credit cards.


This is interesting! I guess it makes sense though.


This is what I was really curious about - being able to make successive payments online would be a huge convenience for us. Since our income fluctuates (DH makes tips that vary from week to week) it’s tough to say what type of payments we would be able to make and when. But I’d be a lot more likely to make them if I could jump online rather than make a phone call.


After you book online you can pay online but Disney periodically send you an invoice in the mail where you can make other payments via check.


I paid my final payment of $2200 with my debit card. It varies bank to bank what your daily spending limit is. Mine used to be $800, but I had them change it for me since I often make large payments with it. It’s now $3000.

As for gas, I can assure you that mine does not stop at $50. I have a 22 gallon gas tank and with prices over $3.20 per gallon, I’m almost always over the $50 mark.


I have noticed it depends on the gas station as well, and whether its Visa or Mastercard, they have different limits. One is $50, one is $75.

Also, with my debit card, if you run it as a credit, not a debit, you can get around the daily limit, and it still comes out of your checking account. :slight_smile:


I did not know that! I have to remember that because someday I may actually get up to that point! I think I was unable to go past $1000 payment at a time on the Disney site.


Hmmm…maybe I will have to give the bank a call and see if they can raise mine- especially since the gas prices are rising:angry: I will be beyond the $50 price soon if it keeps up!


That is good to know too, thank you!