Question about Brown Derby


I have seen the name Brown Derby in many of the restaurant lists but I don’t know what it is other than some kind of dinner show. Can someone please tell me what it is and what the food is like? Thanks!


No show. Food is psuedo Calif.

Nice meal, a little pricely. We eat there almost every trip. Try lunch, lower prices, but no the full dinner menu


so it is just a restaurant and not a show or character meal? why does it require two talbe services? it the food that good??


IMO,the food isn’t worth 2 TS credits.


It’s one of Disneys more expensive dinners, thats why it requires 2 TS credits. It ranks right up there with the other 2TS places.

As far as the show:
They sometimes have a skit of some kind going on during dinner, not with characters, but with the street proformers at the Studios. (don’t know if this happens all the time?)


I can’t offer my opinion, but you can check out the menus on allearsnet. (lunch) (dinner)


I think it is one of the better restaurants on property.


The Cobb Salad is a masterpiece!! Now I’m hungry…


I agree that it’s one of the better restaurants. Try the Cobb Salad, it’s one of their signature dishes.

Whether or not it’s worth 2 on the dining plan is a matter of opinion. IMO, well…I really haven’t decided.

I will say it’s worth at least one visit, just to try it. If you don’t feel it’s worth it, than don’t go back, but I’d try it at least once.


I agree with ingamba-it is worth at least one visit. And we are serious about the Cobb Salad.


Hey! That’s the first time I ever heard of the street players performing in there. Sounds like fun. (not enough for me to go back there, but fun for a first timer)


We have lunch there every time we go to MGM. Definitely try the Cobb Salad (the recipe for the salad and the dressing are also in the DisneyWorld cookbooks).

We’ll probably pick up the tab ourselves for lunch, rather than spend to Dining Plan “tickets”.


The Grapefruit Cake is also another food item they created, along with the original Cobb salad, and both are very good. But I haven’t eaten anything else there – I would go and just pay for the salad and cake for a light lunch, and save the dining plan credits for a more special meal.



Seems to be a trend here. We usually have lunch at the Brown Derby and being the predictable person that I am, I’ve always ordered the Cobb Salad & Grapefruit Cake. They are to die for.

Our last trip, we made ressies for dinner because it came with seats for Fantasmic. To my dear fiance’s surprise, I changed my normal order to the Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna. It was very good.

Brown Derby is a bit pricey but to us, the food quality is worth it. I’ve never been there during a show though.


The Hollywood Brown Derby CREATED the original Cobb Salad!!! 'Cept they make it with turkey instead of chicken. Gotta love a Cobb Salad!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! (I haven’t eaten lunch yet and I’m a little hungry)


Oooh, I forgot about the seared Tuna. Good, good, good.