Question about certain souvenirs


I read or heard about a store where you can design your own light saber and a store where you can build your own dinosaur. If this is true does anyone know which parks the stores are in. These are two of my sons favorite things so I wanted to be on the look out for them.


I know the light saber thing is at Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney.


The build your own light saber is found at Once upon a toy in Downtown Disney, as well as Potato Head and my little pony. I don’t know anything about a dinosaur, but then again, my kids were never into dinosaurs.


You can also build your own light saber at the Star Tours buy-bye store as you exit the attraction.


Cool, I never even noticed that!


Maybe the dinosaur thing is at the T-Rex restaurant at DtD as well? Not sure, but it’s just a guess.


I have heard that you can build your own dinosaur at the new T-Rex restraint at DtD.


Soundgod is correct, the build your own light saber is at Tattoine Traders as you exit the Star Tours ride and it seems like build your own Dinosaur would be somewhere in Dino-Land at AK or World of Disney, they have everything there.


Build your own dinosaur is at T-Rex Cafe at DtD. A friend of mine made one and it was really cute.


It is Build a Dino which is by Build a Bear and it in the store section of T-Rex.


I want to build both, so thanks for the tips Val and everyone!


yup! yup! you can build the star wars lightsabers at both the once upon a toy and star tours exit store. the build a dinosaus is insideT-rex and it’s the same as build a bear.


By the way, you can also do the build your own Star Wars Mr. Potatohead at Tattoine Traders.


Yeah at downtown Disney at Once Upon A Toy. They sold a kit for it that i own but its kinda busted and cheap but its still kinda cool.