Question about Disney Dollars?


Can these dollars be used for anything at Disney? I have learned that purchasing these dollars at the store is a great way to save. Also I will find out this week if I am getting a part-time job at our local Disney store, mostly extra hours for Xmas, that wonderful break a person’s bank kind of thing. They can pay me in disney dollars and I will be fine, lol. I read somewhere that the disney stores aren’t affiliated with Disney World, is this true??



Yes, pretty much everything. Any place that is owned Disney will accept Disney Dollars. So, any place in the parks or at a Disney resort, you are fine. Many of the shops and restaurants in Downtown Disney will not accept them. They are used just like cash, so don’t lose them.

Disney sold the Disney Stores to Children’s Place earlier this year, and really doesn’t haev anything to do with them anymore.


When I went in for my interview last saturday I saw that the store still sells the park tickets, that is a good thing.



The Disney Store is now owned by The Children’s Place…so you will get a discount there also.


Disney Stores are owned by Disney. They actually came to be as the result of a contest between disney employees. The employee who thought of it wanted to be able to buy disney merchandise at other locations than Disneyland & disney world. They won a meal anyplace in the world that they wanted to dine at. I buy disney dollars everytime I go near the mall. If I have $20 in a drawer I may order carry out & if I have D $ I fix dinner. They can be used anywhere at Disney World and can be cashed in at your hotel. Cash them in before coming home because with out a reciept they will not be bought back at disney stores. They sell disney gift cards at the mall & they can NOT be used at disney world. Personally I only buy them to force myself to save for my vacation. I always have the vacation paid before I go & never charge anything there. Good :wub: :wub: :wub: Luck !


Not any more. See above.


As stated above Disney stores are not owned by Disney anymore. Also, from what I have been told from our local store management staff - they no longer get any Disney deals.

On the other hand - I buy Disney Dollars for our trips too. That way I will not get into it and I have spending money when we arrive. We do not charge our Disney vacation, paid befoe we go! :mickey:


Where do you buy the Disney Dollars?


You can purchase disney dollars at your local disney store.



We do not have a local Disney Store. Is there any other way to buy them?


I believe you can also get them right from WDW. :mickey:


Thanks palmickey!

Does anyone know if you can call WDW to order them? I am helping plan a trip for 24 people in March and some of them are wanting to give them to their kids for Christmas and birthdays before we leave.


I have not used this information yet myself but it was given here once.

1-407-363-6200 or

I am sure if it is not the right number someone there will be able to direct you to the right place. :mickey:


Thank you palmickey!!! :flowers: I will pass the information on.


Is it safe to assume the Disney dollars have been around forever and will continue to be around, say, forever? And can they be used on a Disney cruise? We have about $60 left from our trip last spring and as much as I’d love to go spend them at our local Disney Store, I’m exhibiting real self-restraint so we can take them on our Disney cruise. Unfortunately, we’re not cruising until April 2007 . . .


I don’t know the OFFICIAL answer to this, but I would think you would be FINE to save them to use them later. They are treated like REAL money.


I would think you would be fine as well, but again, I am not a Disney Dollar EXPERT.