Question about DVC advantages


Hi all,
I am new to the site so forgive me if this is the 1000x you have seen this question. My family and I have been visiting Disney World for the last 3 years (4 of us) and we were thinking of buying into the dream. My question is what is the advantage of buying into the DVC as opposed to staying at say a value resort and buying the package with tickets and magic express? Example I can book a package at Pop Century for 7 nights from 9/2 (Sat) to 9/9 (Sat) for $1430 including 4 - 8 day park hopper tickets and the Magic your way package. BTW my children are 4 and 6. Any help on this would be appreciated.


Welcome to DC! You should get a lot of answers to all your questions.

We bought into the magic for several reasons, not all economic. We figured by buying and financing the points they were easier to pay for and tax deductible. So out rooms are paid for in advance. (there are 7 of us - this year we are getting a 2 room + a studio). Now all we have to do is get airfare/park tix/meals.

this allows us to go to WDW every-other year. So far it has worked out great. The club has other advantages and discounts, but that was the best reason for us.


I think I’ll mention some easy ones and leave the difficult points to others…

First, IMO, the DVC room is going to be much nicer than the value resort. One nice addition is that you’ll get some sort of kitchen (a mini in a studio and a full in a 1+ BR).

The other is that $1430 is - presumably - going to go up and up and up in price over the next 40 years while the DVC cost is mostly upfront. There have been several cost studies about DVC vs. annual trips plus investing, but since I’m an investing disaster… the DVC plan is perfect for our family.



We bought for the same reason. Last year we bought annual passes and so far we have been there three times in 2005. Only paid for airfare and meals. I didn’t finance through WDW, I used my own bank. Much better rate.



Thanks for all the answers so far! I understand there is a maintenance fee attached to the cost also. What does this cost and are all monies tax deductible?


I would have to ask my wife but I think we pay about $ 650 to $850 annually. I believe we may write off the intrest?.?.



You can have the factored into your mortgage/payments. I thought we pay around 400 (for 200 points). I can not advise on these and you tax situation, sorry.


The maintenace fee is what is hard for me to swallow. That right there rivals the POP prices.

It think one just has to get out of the mindset comparing a Value and DVC as DVC will be upscale and POP is basic.


Maint fee is around $4 per point.

You can stay mid week low season in an studio at WDW for as low as 8 points per night - that’s $32.

Of course the real cost is higher…your point purchase price divided by how many years on the contact. The points are actually a long term lease known as “right to use.” You are really buying years of vacations in advance and the annual fee is just up keep and taxes on the units.

You can stay cheaper but not onsite.


Take a look at the “DVC Analysis” thread. It has a lot of useful info.