Question about FP's and shows


Ok, so I have a question. I’ve only used FP’s for rides before, and never for shows. What exactly does a FP for a show do for you? Do you get better seating? I’m just not sure.


We’ve used a fast pass for Lion King and Nemo. As far as I can tell, you get in first, so first shot at seats. But I believe you still have CM directing which area to fill. Both shows can hold a boatload of people, but DH just can’t take standing in one spot waiting in line. As long as he is moving a little (like a ride loading) he is ok, but just to stand in one spot (like for Christmas processional) kills his back.


Thanks jo-jo. I can see where this might come in handy. Likewise, I am the same way with standing in one spot for too long. It drives me crazy, and it hurts my back. I think I’m gonna keep that FP for Lion King after all.


We got FP for Fantasmic this year - hoping it will mean we get a seat at least - want to enjoy Osbourne Lights until I have to get in line…how early would you show up for a FP for Fantasmic?