Question about Free dining plan


I know there is no guarantee that it will be offered next year, but I am writing up all options/possibities with costs for our group and wanted to mention the possibility of it. So though I had better do the research. Is it only available if you stay at selected properties, or could you stay at any onsite hotel? What time of the year was it available for booking this year? Is there anything else I should know about.


If my memory is correct it was offered in April of this year and had to be booked by June 25th. Itwas availible on any disney on site hotel ( excluding shades of green, swan and dolphin). I do not think it was availible for Fort Wilderness campsites.


It will be interesting to see if they do offer it next year. It has been such a success that it might not be necessary to make the offer.


Dates were: starting 4/1 for Disney Visa card holders and 4/4-6/25 for everyone else. I know these dates well since I fought with AAA for two months because they never told me about it and finally got it free on Monday.


I’ll piggy back on with more info.

It was available to book at the beginning of April and it had to be booked by like June 25th. If you paid rack rate for a room and bought at least a one day base MYW ticket for everyone in the room you got free dining for stays from mid-August to Sept 30th.

I REALLY REALLY hope they do it again next year! I will play to stay onsite at the end of August to take advantage!

Oh, and any hotel not owned and operated by Disney is excluded (ie: Swan, Dolphin, SOG, Hotel Plaza hotels, etc)


They offered free dining during this same period last year, so it’s possible that Disney will run this as an after summer promotion again next year, especially if the economy goes soft again. Is it a sure thing? What ever is?


Since Disney has already offered a free dining plan next year for visitors from the UK,I think they might offer it again to everyone.


Do you have a link about this where I can read more?


I saw this when I googled free disney dinning :
For residents of the UK only – Disney is offering a “free dining” package for stays during the low season in 2007. Book a five-night or more stay at a select Walt Disney World Resort Hotel and a five-day or more Theme Park Ticket and receive the Disney Dining Plan for free.
Book between August 25, 2006 and November 6, 2006 for arrivals between August 12, 2007 and September 29, 2007 to get this delicious deal.
The number of rooms available for this offer is limited. Offer available to residents of UK and Northern Ireland. No group rates or other discounts apply. Applies to all new bookings only through the Walt Disney Travel Company (includes Travel Agent Bookings). Disney Dining plan is available for all persons in the party aged three or over. Guests aged three to nine must order from the children’s menu where available. Disney Dining Plan cannot be transferred and no cash alternative will be given. Disney reserves the right to substitute, change or withdraw this offer at any time.

I saw this on, but you book as normal through the official Disney site or number.


Thanks, I will check that out.


WOW, that is awesome. So…do you think since they are offering it to residents of the UK that they will also offer it to EVERYONE? Hmmmm…I think I might be going the last week of August into Labor Day next year! :happy:


P.S. According to All Ears, it’s for residents of the UK AND IRELAND.


mmmm…it would be nice if they could do that for Australia too. :slight_smile:


I wonder if they felt the UK travel may be down due to recent world events and therefore Disney felt the need to entise visitors down.


Maybe so…but this offer includes IRELAND, too. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they open it up to EVERYONE.


If we go next year (fingers crossed), we will probably be there Labor Day thru the week after! :happy: Our paths might barely cross by a day or so!

Wishin’, hopin’ and prayin’ for free dining plan again, because that would make all the difference in whether or not we get to go!!


Oh great! Now that song is stuck in my head!:laugh:


Haha you want to know the funny thing?? It’s stuck in MY head too, and I could not figure out WHY until I came back and read your post! I didn’t even realize what I’d written! :tongue:


Thanks, dizzy…now it’s in MY head too! :blink:


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