Question about le cellier


We have 6:30 reservations at Le Celliar in July for my family of four. Our two boys (17 and 12) just told us they want to skip dinner with us that evening and go to DQ. My husband and I are happy to have the evening alone so should we call ADR and tell them we want a table for two or will we have to cancel our ADR alltogether? We are looking forward to having dinner there. What do we do? I just don’t want to loose our ADR.


Personally, I would leave Res as is. Who knows your kids may decide that they want to join you.


I agree with Jennatrz…leave it as is…they may decide that they want to try it and join you:)


If they are 100% sure they’re not going to join you, you can easily call and change your reservation to 2 people without having to rebook, but I agree with the others, as long as you have the reso for 4 people you may as well keep it. They will be more than happy when you say your party has gone down to a 2 when you check in :slight_smile: haha


Keep it! You don’t even want to give them a hint there’s a change. :blink:


I’d keep it as long as possible. If you had a reservation for 5 or more, I might feel differently - but this should be harmless enough. Maybe make the change that day and some lucky guests will be surprised…


Keep it! Plans change… or you can sell your ressie here on MB:laugh:


Like everyone else said–keep it. Who knows, your boys may change their mind and want to go at the last minute.


Do not give up the ressie! I once wanted to change a lunch at LeCellier to Biergarten, and the CM at guest services really did not want to let us do it!!! He said we really had to take advantage of such hard-to-get ressies, and he was right! What a great meal. Your kids might want to come along at the last minute!!!


I had something similar happen. I called to cancel a Le Cellier ADR and the CM was trying to talk me in to keeping it. I had booked 2 ADR for a few days until I knew which one we really needed so I wasn’t totally giving it up but he was worried I didn’t know what I was doing.


like everyone said keep it and when you get there just tell the CM that the other 2 in the party couldnt make it. I dont think they will hold it against you


as everyone told me keep it and eat twice as much. lol really there is not a adrs to be found for six months for the place.


Thank you everyone for your advice and I will keep it as is. I just didn’t want to arrive for dinner and have them tell me they could accomidate 4 not 2. I was never there before so I wasn’t sure how the tables were set up allowing only for so many two party tables, four party tables…

I will now start the bidding for two people at Le Cellier on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 6:30. :laugh::laugh:


I too would keep it for now - the boys may change their minds. They’ll be hungry eventually! Enjoy your dinner there!


Reservations at le Cellier are some of the hardest to get. If you’ve got a reservation for 4, keep it. You never know what will change between now and then.
If the boys actually don’t go with you, all you need say at check in is you’re now a party of 2 as your 2 guests weren’t able to meet you, and leave it at that. Or you could actually tell the truth and say the boys decided “this morning” they wanted to do DQ instead of eating with their parents.


LeCellier is the restaurant you don’t want to change a reservation. Not that they do anything wrong with the reservation. It just isn’t worth the chance that something might happen. I swear that people who made a reservation there could sell it as a scalper out front. :tongue:


Absolutely keep the ressie. Showing up with less people is not a problem, making a ressie for 4 and showing up with 6 is. Then you wouldn’t be seated. Remember, often couples are seated at tables for 4 anyway.


I think I’m free than night. Are you buying?


I must be the only one here not gaga over the cellar. It was good, but I think the dining plan value of the place has driven it into legendary territory. We had better meals at Rose and Crown and spoodles. The Basement was good, but not “all that”. Must be me…


Thanks again everyone for all your advice! I was never at this resturant before so I didn’t know who the seating arrangements were.