Question about making DVC reservations


This Thursday I can make my August reservations for Boardwalk Villas (August 19th-26th). Unfortunately, it’s going to be REALLY hard for me to get out of working at 9am when the office opens to make the call.

My question… has anyone ever used to make their reservation? Is it instant? Online do you still have to make it after 9am on the day it hits 7 months?

I am just nervous that by the time I can get to member services that what I want won’t be available. Two different DVC members at work have told me stories about how what they want wasn’t available when they called. So, naturally I am nervous about that. Should I be?

Any advice would be appreciated. :happy:


Hey wish! I, personally, have never booked online. I really perfer to book things like this over the phone. Just call 800-800-9800. I’m never on hold long.

Also, I’ve never had a problem with ANY reservation (even last minute…like week before last minute) with any resort, with the exception of BWVillas. We called back in October for our reservation in March because we wanted to stay at BWV. We only had enough points for a standard view and from what I found out they only have like 6 standard rooms in the whole place. The rest have views. So, if you are looking for a standard, you might not get it, but I don’t think you’ll have a problem if you are looking for anything else.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


From all that I’ve seen on the DVC website, it’s not an instant reservation. You give all your choices, and someone will get back to you within 48 hours. It’s best just to call. DVC has said that an online booking engine should be available within the next year, which would be great. Good luck.


UGH! :crying: I have to get the standard view!!! Or else my whole points plan will be messed up, I had it so that 107 was PERFECT without having to borrow anything. :frown: What should I do? Well I will let everyone know what happens when I call Thursday morning. The EARLIEST I will be able to call is 9:30. I have a class from 9:00-9:30am :dry:


I always advies to go after what you want (meaning borrow if you have to) becuase you’ll be happier when you get there. Calling has always worked very well for us.


You could even call today to see if it is available…if it’s not, then you can start planning a different resort before Thursday.


So, wait, i am confused. If I call today they will tell me if it’s available or not for my Aug 19th-26th dates even though I can’t make the reservation?


Yes. They can tell you. I really do not think you will have any problems. I’ve not heard of any.

(And thanks for being my 700th)