Question about package prices


Ok… I was just on the WDW site and seem to be lost… I looked into a few packages and this is what I came up with… Why are the 2 8 night packages different prices? When I looked at the $ per night it was the same so Im so lost…

Sept 17-23 7 nights Pop 1 adult and 2 kids From Wed -Tues 7 day p hopper was $1324

Sept 17-24 8 nights Wed-Wed same as above with tickets and people was $1425.26 so this is where Im confused Sept 19 Fri- To Sept 27 Sat 8 nights still and same as above was $1517.92 so why is there a 92.66 price gap? Im confused on this… The breakdown of the rooms were the same


for 2008, they started a new pricing thing - its not the standard flat price per block of time anymore…now it is per night. so saturday may be more than friday, or tuesday may be more than thursday, etc.

so you’ll have a different price, based on which nights you go, not just which season you go.

that’s why in your thread about which scenario to choose, i suggested pricing them all, just to see. it may be a much better deal to do it midweek vs weekend to weekend. or not. i guess it’d depend on the dates completely.


I didn’t know that, but it makes sense


rates are now according to the day of the week and the season hense the different prices.


Thats what got me looking in the first… I wonder why they do that… Well I think that $100 isnt as bad as for say $400 for diff dates… I like the idea of going on a weeks end and coming back on a sat so the kids can rest up before school. Now lets hope that airfare is cheap on the dates… :laugh:


i agree, the extra to rest before getting back to the grind is nice. $100 isnt too bad! good luck with that air - try priceline!


Priceline? Will they let me know whice flight and what time before I pay? I had my fingers crossed that swa will have good deals… Last time I got 5 of us to WDW for $550


It’s pretty standard in the hotel business. Some hotels are actually less on weekends because they’re more of a business type hotel.


no, priceline is a “take a chance” reservation. we had super early flights, but a good deal. sounds like you got a fantastic deal on swa - i’d just keep trying that! wow!