Question about Park Hours


When I Look at the Disney website with the park hours - it gives me the opening and closing times. However, when it’s a day that has “Extra Magic Hours” - it STILL just lists the regular times…do I have to add on the hours myself? How do I know if it’s AM or PM?

I’m confused. As usual.

Please help!



Hmmm - I’ve never really thought of that… When you check in they’ll give you an information packet with all the times listed, but before hand, I’m not sure either…


When you click onto the extra hours,it takes you to a page that explains what the EMH is all about and will tell you what hours are what.


Is this a free service or an additional cost? And if it is additional is it worth it?


No - it’s free to everyone staying onsite - and believe me - it’s worth it! Especially at crowded times. Especially the 3 hours in the evening. And an early morning entry is the very best time to do Fantasy World at the MK.


We’ll be staying onsite, so I will take advantage of it. Another bonus to being on site. Seems like it makes sense for so many reasons. When we did our 1 day deal of MK we were off site and it made everything much more difficult!


There really is no comparison to staying on-site if it’s possible. Everything is just so much easier, convenient and fun! Have a wonderful time!


Thanks, planning on nothing but fun!!!


On the Extra Magic Hours page it list them as “Morning” or “Evening” Extra Magic Hours and what attractions will be open during Extra Magic Hours.

How it all works:

[I] Extra Magic Hours

Each day one of the Disney Theme Parks opens an hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular Park closing, so Disney Resort Guests* can enjoy easy access to select attractions — even the most popular ones! With Extra Magic Hours, you can make the most of your vacation time and see and do everything at an easy, relaxed pace.

If you want to take advantage of this benefit and have a Magic Your Way Base Ticket, your Theme Park selection must be the Park offering the Extra Magic Hours benefit that day. Remember, you can only visit one Theme Park per day with the Magic Your Way Base Ticket. To get the most out of the Extra Magic Hours benefit, just add the Park Hopper® Option to your ticket. Then you can go from Theme Park to Theme Park on the same day, including whichever Park has Extra Magic Hours.

To take advantage of Extra Magic Hours at the Water Parks, you must have a Resort I.D.


Thank you, R2G! :wub:


go to they have some details. Ok! Erin. Oh! i love your avatar of the dog wearing sunglasses.


So we’re explaining EMH to the Florida girl with nearly 5,000 posts? :huh: Something ain’t right here!


haha, I understand EMH, I just wasn’t sure how to tell if it was morning or evening.

I see now, clickable links on the days.



Just checking, but you DO know WDW and Universal Studios are different places, right?

Oh, and the killer whale show is at SeaWorld, not Animal Kingdom.


YOu CAN’T be serious…



anyone know what the park hours are usually for Jan? what time doesn MK close?



7 or 9?

I’m betting its either 7 or 9. I know that seems early, but the crowds are so much lighter, it’s still plenty of time!


actually that will work out great!! if it is as early as 7…maybe we can catch “wishes”, even if it’s as late as 9…if my DD gets her nap we could push it that late!! :slight_smile: