Question about Park tickets


We have an 8 day Park Hopper and More ticket. We are planning to use it the 8 days we are there, but the first day we are planning to stay at the hotel and rest, but we have an ADR at O Hana’s that night.

My question is if I take the bus from Pop to MK and then the monorail to Poly and then back again after dinner does this count as a day off my ticket? I don’t want to go into the park, just catch the monorail.

Please help.


I don’t remember needing our tickets to resort hop to see Christmas decorations via monorail or bus. I’m pretty sure you only need them to get into the parks. Someone more experienced than me will likely confirm or negate this, however! :happy:


The monorail is right outside the entrance to Magic Kingdom so you will be fine


No you won’t use another day on it.


You do not even enter the park… just follow the monorail signs.


OH NO!! All transport stations are outside the parks. You could ride the boats and monorails all day long if you wanted. You just can’t go inside a park.


Ok thanks everybody. Having never been I didn’t know if you actually went inside the MK to catch the Monorail. I’m such a noob.
Thanks again.


The Disneyland monorail goes from Downtown Disney into Tomorrowland. That’s the only monorail that you are required to have a park admission to ride, and you present your ticket before you even board the train. As that’s out in California, it doesn’t matter in Florida.