Question about prices for renting points


Please give me an idea of the range of prices for renting points – what is high, what is low, and what is the standard price?


Standard is between $10 to $13 per point. It really depends on time of year (Christmas, Spring Break, Food & Wine may be on the higher end). Renting from someone who does this for a living (David’s rentals) I believe is $13 also. But, I have seen many offers at $10, even down to $9 if the DVC owners points are getting close to expiring. Take a look at - The Web’s Most Friendly and Reliable Source for Information on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and see how many people on there are renting. You can get a good idea from there.


I have to go do some math, but how much of a savings is it, really, over paying cash? Seems high just at an initial glance, but I will get out the calculator…


I know the one and two bedrooms are a lot more points, and don’t know the comparisons cash wise. But, for the studios, I’ve heard the points costs are comparable to a Moderate cash cost. So, get a deluxe for the price of a moderate. I’m sure you probably noticed that different resorts have different points structure, so if you do want to keep the cost down, OKW takes a lot less points to rent than a stay at BLT.


Of course I’m familiar with the points charts. However, I guess it has been so long since I have checked the regular cash rates for the rooms – wow, even a studio at OKW during Adventure season is seriously high without DVC. More than double the price of renting the points.

We’d never be able to swing the rooms at the cash price. We did it once, a million years ago. I think we are still paying off that trip! :blink:

OK people, never mind. I had no idea that the DVCs were so pricey. I mean, totally worth it, even with cash, but the prices still took my breath away.


I’ve looked into doing this as well but I get a much better price being a Fl resident and you will also if you are a AP. Not much incentive for folks “in the know”.


Ah! Then I wasn’t so way off. I looked only at the basic posted rates, with no discounts of any kind. So if you get a good discount, it might be a lot closer to the points rental price. Since joining DVC, we have only paid cash for mods and we have used the AP discount, so it’s been super cheap.


The thing with renting points is getting a kitchen area. this is huge as we usually eat breakfast in te room and take afternoon breaks. My chidlren eat like locust.


The kitchen area is definitely the best part! I was just very surprised at how much a room will cost you, even if you are renting points. Then I saw the regular pricing, and it is much cheaper to rent points, it’s still HIGH!

LOL @ locusts.


:laugh::laugh::laugh: at locusts…


Most of the time I can beat WDW value rates even with promotions. Renting points is generally less than 1/2 of the the WDW rack rate for the same resort.

I just priced out a trip at SSR. WDW price was $414 - renting points $176.


Renting points for us has saved us $ over the moderates. Of course amount of $ depends which DVC we choose. I love getting deluxe resort for a little less than a moderate!