Question about purchasing snacks and paying for meals with Magic Bands


We are leaving for WDW in 20 days and we have Magic Bands for two adults and two children. I have two scenarios that I am questioning.

  1. When we pay for a quick service or Table Service meal, does the waiter need to “scan” each persons band or just one member of the party?

  2. When purchasing snacks can one member buy multiple snacks or does each member need to be present to be “scanned”? for example, I head down to the snack bar in our resort and want to buy 4 cookies using 4 snack credits. Do I need to bring all 4 bands with me, or can they scan my band?



For the dining plan, everything is “clumped” together linked to your confirmation. So, for a family of four for five nights, it will show 20 table service meals, 20 quick service meals and 20 snacks. How many you use and who uses them in your party has no limitations other than not going past that magic number of 20. So, yes, you can go to the snack bar and get 4 cookies, using your magicband. The receipt will then show 20 TS credits, 20 QS credits and 16 snacks remaining.


Correction, depending on the age of your children. We’ve always done dining plan when my kids were older than the 3-9 year old group so they have always had adult credits. If your kids are younger, then they get children’s credits.


GREAT! Thanks for the answer. My kids are older than 10, so they are considered adults according to Disney.


Have a wonderful time! Remember, slow down and soak everything in. (And remember, its the perfect place to act silly and laugh a lot!)


With the wrist bands, all of the waiters in the sit downs have handheld readers and all of the Point of Sale have readers built in to the register area. At all places, you will have to enter your PIN code in order to verify that this is a person actually authorized to use the bands for payment. This isn’t just at meal stops, but at every place that you pay at a register in WDW, provided you’ve linked a credit card to your room and authorized charging to the room.
I hope this helps.