Question about rent a car


If I am already in WDW where can I rent a car for the day at? Will I have transportation to get to the rent a car? Im looking to get my grandma to the church sunday morn but dont wanna rent a car for the entire trip. :heart:


Tink, instead of renting a car for one day call the church first and ask if they have a “pick up” service. This was years ago but I remember my Grandma once got picked up by a church van at the Fort Wilderness check-in area. I would definately call the church first before you go through all the trouble of renting a car for one day.


Im glad you are the brains in this operation!! :heart: :heart: I will call today!! Great idea…


If that does not work out it seems like Orlando is the rental car capital of the world. There are lots of places to rent a car and I’m sure they will pick you up, I now Enterprise offers that service.


Where are you staying? What Church are you going to or what street is the church on? Mears does do shuttle service as well to select churches with shuttle vans and there are plenty of taxi’s to go to the others.

On disney property there are 2 rental car locations, both are national/alamo. The main hub for them is the disney car care center located near the disney race track. The other one is in ethier the sawn or dolphin resort. I know the main rental location at the car care center has a fleet of shuttle buses, I think they ask you call at least 2 hours before wanting to be picked up.


ASMovies…I am still waiting on hearing back from the church. names mary queen or something like that… catholic church. said that they were 10 minutes from WDW


Yup I know that one its massive they have 3 police officers directing traffic there when they hold services. Its so Huge I have heard they have there own Gift shop.

Mears I believe does offer shuttle service to this one and I’m sure there would be more then just your party being picked up at the all stars.