Question about "seasons"


We are staying at BWV in the middle of August, which, using DVC points is considered “dream” season, costing quite a few more points than the other 2. But, if you look at the rack rates, that time of year falls into value season. Am I getting bamboozled here? Or just nervous about making the leap to dvc??:blink:


DVC seasons can be different from resorts seasons. I don’t think it sounds like you’re getting bamboozled because you know this going in. We go during the summer or Dream/Magic season and it’s value season at the deluxe resorts but we’re still going to come out ahead in the long run.


If you know the facts you can’t be bamboozled. Unfortunately, if the Dream Season is the only time you can have your vacation, you’ll have to pay more. But the Point Schedule is pretty upfront and clear.

Personally, if you have to go in Dream Season, I’d consider OKW - less points,less money, great resort.


Like others have posted, I don’t think you are getting bamboozled, it just so happens that the time you are going is a time that is busier for DVC than for the regular resorts.

Ask Jess (WishUponAStar) since she is a teacher. I think she makes the best use of her time to travel to WDW. And if I remember correctly she takes a trip in August every year as well

Also, just because it is more points for DVC, you are still getting to stay in a deluxe resort for overall a better deal than if youwere paying out of pocket.


I agree, I’m a teacher and can only go during times when points are the highest but we knew that going in and still feel it’s a good deal for us. We like to stay in deluxe resorts and DVC makes that affordable for us. If we stayed in value resorts during value season then maybe DVC wouldn’t be a smart choice for us.


I guess the issue is that I am used to going during value season and staying at deluxe resorts without DVC. Now that I have DVC, it just seems odd that the value season is considered a higher points time for DVC. Just seems odd. I agree that the dvc point breakdown is clear and I did look it over before I decided to shell out $18000. I’m not saying that it was ever hidden from me or that I didn’t look at it. It just seems odd. I’m just saying…


I’m sure the seasons are based travel trends. I would guess that most DVCers are families with kids (I know not all but better than half) so these families are going to want to travel when the kids are out of school so that’s when points are going to be the higest. Points are going to be the lowest when travel in general is low and by doing that DVC is going to fill more rooms.