Question about snack part of the dining plan


With the snack part are you able to get mickey rice crispies treats??? Has anyone done this with the dining plan? We are new and when I asked the CM on the phone this she said depending on the cashier… Just wanna know if this is possible… :wink:


Ohhh Yess…and those delightful magic bars too! We cashed in all our snack options on the last day and brought home magic bars and rice crispy treats so we could make the magic last after we got home!! LOL!


What is a magic bar???


We got them at All Star Movies. :mickey:


We did the same thing… :tongue:


I am not sure how to describe the most delicious, yummy brownie-type snack in all universes known and unknown…umm, chocolate chips, coconut, honey and all in an easy to eat brownie shape…I am drooling and on the keyboard too…(ew!) :cool:


ohhhhh got ya. I think I will stick with the mickey crispies. Im not a big fan of coconut. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a magic bar. I am obviously missing something!!!

Someone - quick! Take me to WDW!


OMG! Erin! :eek: :eek:
We must get you one ASAP…my other half here at work, and my bestest friend is going to Disney next week–perhaps she could bring one back and I will FedEx it to you!!! They are sooooooooo good…(I am drooling again :wink: )


You can call this 800 number and they will send you anything from the parks… I found it in my DH cell phone stored!!! That means Im getting palmickey for xmas!!! yea!!!


I was so dissapointed because I fell in love with the fudge brownies at POR (with the little white chocolate castle coin on top) and they would not allow me to purchase them on the dining plan…the reason I was so upset by this is because price wise, they were actually cheaper than the rice crispies! So I never used my snacks except for an occasional bottle of water, and I had to purchase my brownie every night!


I think it depends on the cashier… Thats what they told me on the phone… Boo to them!!!


I guess it’s wishful thinking…but I don’t suppose a Dole Whip would be covered on the snack plan??


Ohhhh… I would love to know that as well… Where do u get those at??? We had them once before but I forgot where we got them at


They’re in Adventureland - near Aladdin’s Flying Carpets I think…soooooo yummy!


OHHHHH YEA!!! Can u use the snack part of the dining plan for them??


I think the Dole whips are…those are the frozen things, right??


I don’t think the Dole whips are included. We used leftover snack points to get Mickey rice crispy treats for the plane ride home, and the lady behind me on the plane complained the whole time I ate mine that she hadn’t thought of it. I almost gave her one just to hush her up. (but I didn’t :wink:)


mm… rice krispy treats and brownies… I am now drooling too.