Question about StarWars


Hi eveyone as we all know we are going to wdw in two weeks this is just a trip for DH and I for our anniversary. we have been talking aobut doing another trip in June for star wars with my DDs. well we are going to do it. now my question when should I book it? I will probably not have the money until Janaury. is this too late? my middle DD has asked to stay at ASMusic. I know this is busy time but she has always wanted to go for the first week to see opening day. . any opinions on going at this time of year. we are thinking of getting there day before it opens so we are there for the first day. any help opinions etc as always is greatly appriciated.


We’ve been to SWW a few times, always the week of Memorial Day and it’s been great. Not sure of the start date of SWW 2008, but it’s a really fun time to be had by all, regardless of which weekend you visit! DH REALLY got into it as well as the kids. I’m not a big SW fan, but I got caught up in it all too. We’re doing it again in 2008!!


how early do you have to book it. do you think I will be able to get ressie if i book in Janaury. we went two years ago but did not know aobut it being there. we went the end of June. i am a big star wars fan so is my DH and kids.


You can book today and hold your reservation with a $200 deposit on your credit card, if you are really concerned. You don’t HAVE to pay your balance until 45 days from your arrival. I don’t know that you’d need to book before January, but again, if you want, you can do it today, and not need to pay the bulk until early April.


We almost always travel to WDW during SW weekends. We usually book our trip sometime in Feb. or March. We have never had a problem getting the resort we want. I am thinking that you NEED to book way in advance for the extremely busy times like holidays. We just booked our Xmas 2008 trip. We didn’t want to miss out on the dates & resort of our choice.


We usually book our trips 7- 11 months in advance…we’re DVC members, but have booked rooms right up to the week before our trip (for our Aunt and Uncle). As said above, just pay your deposit and then 30-45 days out from your trip you pay it off. As for SWW at Disney Studios, you don’t have to make any special arrangements to see and take pictures with the characters (no not the actual stars, but you’ll see Chewie, Storm Troopers, Princess Leia, Darth Vadar, etc they’re all there!). There is a special deal that you can get wristbands for to meet a handful of the actual stars, directors, etc…but we’ve never done that. Just seeing all the different characters for pics and autographs and special parade, etc takes most of a day. Oh and don’t forget to buy your special SWW souvies on the weekends…it’s the ONLY time it’s offered and you cannot call and have things shipped home after your trip.


You can book it now and just put the deposit down. You can pay the rest off later…just hold the room with a deposit.